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Homebody Guide: Staying At Home During The Weekends

Singapore has many wonderful amenities, activities and events that you can take part in and pack your weekend program list to the brim. This is even more so when you have recently moved in to stay permanently here in this state and will love to explore the city whenever you can! But we do understand that there are some who would prefer to leave the bustle aside for some stay home unwinding sessions, whether it is for this coming weekend or any other. So shining our spotlight today, on the wonderful things a homebody can enjoy without having to leave the comfort of their cosy home, we have got a list of things that may pique your interest. Whether you are an introvert who prefers to stay home, a part-time stay homebody or someone who just want to stay away from the crowds during the weekends, this article is for you.


Watch Local TV

If you are a couch potato, watching Singapore local productions on the television may be a fun way to pick up some of the locals’ practices, new places to check out and upcoming events. Plus some mindless channel surfing when the advertisement comes on or catching up with world news on Channel News Asia can be quite a ride in exploring all sorts of content and updates of the world.

Should you be lacking a television, there are apps and web pages that you can turn to for the local tv programmes. Be it on your laptop or mobile phone, while you remain tucked in bed, you can still access them. On top of that, the online platforms for screening local programmes have an archive of shows that you may have missed during the week and wishes to catch up on. Bonus comes where there are shows that do not air but are available for watching online.


Shop Online

Whether you are a fashionista or a home proud, shopping online works magic in many forms. From helping you get some retail therapy without all that walking, especially when it is crowded to clearing your grocery shopping of necessity for the coming week. Yes, there are several services in Singapore that can get your grocery sorted and delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t that awesome? Just be sure to order in advance per requirements of the company that you are engaging the service for.

A great thing about shopping online is that you can shop in multiple stores at the same time, make a comparison and get the best deals. To top this, your purchases get delivered right to your doorstep. Yes, no more heavy shopping bags!

And if you are concern about having to leave home for meals, fret not, food deliveries are ever ready to be at your rescue.


Meditate & Reflect

Instead of working out and getting your heart pumping, we say take it slow and focus on your mental health. Clear your mind and try to give your body a quick restart by performing some simple meditation exercises. Get to a quiet place in your home and meditate. Focus on your breathing and leave everything else aside. Take slow, deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this for at least 15 minutes. If you had a rough week, this quiet time maybe just what you need to feel less lethargic and gather some clearer vision on how you should solve any problems or concerns that you have.

Other than that, you can try pulling together a vision board on your computer to help you round up some thoughts or to gather inspiration to keep your head in the game to attain your goals, have it printed or saved as your desktop or mobile background.


Treat Your Body To A DIY Spa

There is no better time than the ample time that you have during your rest days to pamper yourself. You do not need a tub to exfoliate, massage, do masks from head to toe right at home. Make your own luxurious scrubs and masks for this home session or get off the shelf ones from online stores. Some online stores have got the option of same day pick up and/or delivery and you can get some amazing ones in a jiffy. Don’t miss out some simple massaging for your feet to relieve any hidden tension. If you have a bathtub, that is definitely a bonus for you to soak in, if not, you can always plunge your feet in a large pail of hot water for an extra pampering treat for your feet. Light up some scented candles and you are pretty much covered.

Too much work for a session like that? There are mobile masseuses that offer services and can bring the relaxing spa experience to your home. And while they are there at your place, perhaps some manicure or pedicure and facial would be real awesome? Just book them in advance cause they are really popular!

Planning not to step out of the house? That, we understand.