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How To Get Affordable Drinks in Singapore

Have you always been contemplating whether to move abroad? But what is actually preventing you from taking that leap of faith?

Perhaps it’s a new adventure or career that you seek for, but you are held back by several things such as the usual hangouts with your usual cliques at cafes and bars. During your usual hangouts, one of the most common beverages that you would indulge in is alcohol. Assuming that you are residing in parts of the world with an abundance of bars and cafes serving alcoholic drinks through the night and intending to move abroad, you will be glad to know that there are also plenty of bars and cafes serving alcoholic drinks through the night too!

In Asia, especially in Singapore, there are tons of bars and cafes for people to hang out for a drink after work and it gets particularly busier during Friday and weekends. However, you will be in for a surprise as the price you usually pay for a round of drink back in your country will undoubtedly be cheaper than ordering a round of drinks in Singapore. Nevertheless, this has not deterred people from drinking.

Don’t be alarm by the information and news highlighting about the expensive cost of living, particularly drinking in Singapore as we will be sharing with you some affordable drinking options in an expensive city like Singapore!


Drinking In Singapore

With a few name drops in high profile movies recently, Singapore has risen as one of the most expensive countries. Marketed as a shopping and lifestyle destination for all, it is also pretty ironic as a single late night of cocktail can set you back well over $50. Furthermore, there are also laws passed to prevent the consumption and sale of alcohol in public places to prevent any misbehaviour in the public. Compared to other cities around the world which turns into a ghost town the moment the clock strikes 6 pm, the nightlife offerings in Singapore is diverse, and you will be spoilt for choice as there are sky-bars at the heart of Singapore to bars hidden from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

As Singapore has one of the most comprehensive transport systems in the world, you will not have to worry about being stranded as there are night rider buses apart from taking a private cab. With such services available, heading for a late night drink will surprisingly not burn a big hole in your pockets.

Being surrounded by regional cities such as Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh who have some of the best nightlife scenes and affordable alcohol beverages, surely there are places in Singapore that have affordable drinking options!


Affordable Drinking Tips In Singapore

1. Happy Hours And Special Events

Keep a constant lookout for places that offer discounts when you drink before/at certain timings (Discounts at some places are before 6 pm, while others have “happy hour” from 5 pm to 9 pm). Besides these discounts, there are a couple of places in Singapore that offer different daily deals. We know that there may be too many bars or signs to look out for just for an affordable drink, but you may consider checking blogger review sites or promotional sites online that regularly feature promotions. This way, it saves you from all the time and effort just going around to look for discounted drinks.

2. Credit Card Discounts

As countries across the globe are becoming more tech-savvy, businesses are also embracing the digital age with new technologies and payment methods in Singapore, and this extends to the credit cards too. One of the main reasons most locals in Singapore carry at least 2 credit cards in their wallet is that some bars allow you to enjoy discounts when you pay via a credit card that they have an agreement! Furthermore, there are dedicated apps for each credit card which will feature the available offers of the day.

3. Look Out For 1-For-1 Deals

One of the most popular offers that most bars have is 1-for-1. The offer will usually offer a free second round of drink when you purchase your first drink before a specific timing (usually 7 pm or 8 pm) which are usually written on signboards/menu or you will be informed of it by the friendly waiters.

4. Ladies Night

It’s great to be a lady in Singapore as ladies receive a special treat every week, usually Wednesdays. Individual bars have their own “ladies night” promotion, where you can either bring at least 3 girlfriends and enjoy selected free flow of drinks or enjoy complimentary cocktails when you spend a minimum amount etc. Furthermore, the crime rate is pretty low and there is plenty of transport for you to ride home safely.