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How To Make Your Rented Space Feel Luxurious

The luxurious Art Deco interior look is coming back big time and if you love the look as we do, you must know that details matter and they are key to achieving the look to a T. There are accessories and accents that you can give your cosy home here in this country that touch of luxury and keeping it affordable without fuss. Taking a leaf out of our book of luxury homes interiors,  we have just the tips to turn your rental space into a place where you can reside in without feeling that it is too much of plain Jane like and give it a touch of chic luxury.  Read on and find out more!


Pop In A Fluffy Rug

Nothing feels better than the soft touch of a fluffy rug in the feet, especially after a day out with your feet wrapped up in your shoes. Not only do rugs give your floor a boost in style points, when the design matches the room decor, but it can also be a visual anchor that keeps your furniture and decor in the room looking grounded. Go luxe and classy with a neutral colour base and white geometrical lattice design for some old world charm. Think along the hues of creams and beiges or greys to a dusty, powdery shade of blues, purples and pinks for the base colour.


Lush Greens Are A Need

Having lush looking greens in your space can create a sense of airiness and freshness. If you are not too keen about having plants in your interior due to the maintenance, faux plants are always a good idea. Take inspiration from the tropical plants right here in Singapore and pop them into your home. Think banana palm, snake plants and areca palm. Love flowers? Orchids are one of the best to have right at home for a quick injection of elegance.


Ambience Is Key

If anything that can channel the x-factor of luxury in space, it will have to be lighting. Now, before you rip out the fixtures of your space, consider adding table lamps or standing lamps instead. Pick a warm white light for a lovely glow that resembles a lit candle in the evening. This can surely create a mood in your space. Place the light source by your bed or desk or at a spot that you can create pockets of spaces marked by the cast light. The goal here is to have soft focus light brightening key spaces and not a uniform one that floods the room.


Trays & Trinket Boxes

Organise any clutter and pick out knickknacks that you will like to display. Place the display pieces onto your shelves and create a display. Smaller decor works really well in a cluster, so try styling them on a tray. A simple tray may be just the platform for the trinkets that you love to shine and get more attention. Also, stow those nifty but not so pretty objects in a trinket box. Keeping small clutter away without having to toss them out.


Add A Touch Of Glimmer

Precious metals give the impression of luxury for sure and an addition of one or two metals will definitely create a sliver of glimmer that is truly gold in any interior. Think trays, frames, cabinet knobs, lamps and even your dining utensils.


Large Mirrors & Framed Art

We totally understand that any sign of putting a hole through the wall of your rental apartment is a no go for your landlord. But having a large portrait mirror or framed artwork that can be propped up against the wall without the hassle of drilling a hole? Eureka! For this, get pieces that are ginormous. The mirror can help create a sense of doubling up of space (and comes in super helpful when dressing up) and a large frame at work a feature that can add height or depth. Pick either of the two as you would not want to overcrowd your space. Remember, the bigger the better but it has to fit through your doors.

Ps. Beveled frames are always the best for Art Deco interiors.


A Cocktail of Throw Cushions Is A Must

Plop right into a pile of cushions and find yourself drifting away in bliss on your sofa, bed or right at a corner of your room where you carve a cosy corner out for some chill time like a modern bohemian inspired party. Have a basket to hold them when you need them aside. If you are looking at the bare minimum to pop in your room, go with an odd number, say 3 or 5 in the same hue. They tend to look more cohesive and elegant when placed together or separated in the same room.


Room Scent For Sensuality

Amp things up with a room scent that can help you feel happy and relaxed. Go for a reed diffuser or candle of your favourite scent and you are good to go! Easy as that for a haptic space that you can relax and rejuvenate with a glass of wine in hand.