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How To Prepare For A Marathon In Singapore

Do you always participate in marathons? Perhaps, you are thinking of joining a marathon and have made plans to train for it one day. From a 5km to a 42km marathon, training for a marathon can seem quite a challenge. However, there are plenty of park connectors, running tracks, gyms to prepare you for the countless running events throughout the year. Besides training and keep fit, this is a great way to explore the wonderful sights that Singapore has to offer.

Known for its lush greenery, clean air and safe environment, you can train for your marathons in Singapore with an ease of mind. To keep you updated about the latest marathons, events, weather and more, you can gather this information through online channels or social media platforms. Through these online platforms, individuals have also set up groups and communities where they come together and train. Furthermore, these groups also share some tips on how you can improve your strides and a better run. Recognizing the need for Singaporeans to exercise, the government has also encouraged individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle, where they have set up programmes at community centres and incentivized the citizens to exercise and keep fit.

Being equipped with devices, apps and others to train for our marathons,  we can attain useful information on our diet, running habits and how much calories we need to burn. In addition, they also give us more details on running routes, GPS to track our location. These days, most of our devices are compact, which allow us to bring them along when we exercise and listen to our favourite music to keep us going.

If you are enthusiastic about sports and thinking of taking part in a marathon in Singapore while you are here to stay long term, keep reading this article as we will be discussing tips and where you can bring your training sessions to as you prepare for your upcoming marathon in Singapore.


Where You Can Exercise In Singapore

With modern facilities widely available in Singapore, you can access some of the best fitness equipment by visiting the gyms to improve your core muscles, endurance levels and more and running tracks at the stadiums to improve your stamina. The gyms are available across the malls in Singapore, and there are many gym memberships that have the benefit of accessing any gyms outlets nationwide. So if you are planning to work out near home and your workplace, this may be really useful for you. What’s more, you can freshen up yourself after your workouts and carry on with your next activity effortlessly.

If you do not want to travel or spend money on cardio-heavy workouts, you can actually run or cycle along the tracks at the park connector. In fact, these park connectors cover the majority of Singapore, is safe and well-lit (even in the evening!).

If you are working around the city, there are running routes that you can take along the city that leads up to the beautiful scenery at Marina Bay Sands.


How To Prepare For A Marathon In Singapore

1. Plan Your Training Sessions

Having a well-planned training schedule is essential to prepare you for a marathon as it allows you to keep track of your performance. Being in one of the most tech-savvy nations, you can have access to the latest technologies and mobile apps ( with good connection) which can plan and alert you on your progress. To prepare for your marathons, it is important to keep track of your diet, performance levels and training dates. Furthermore, these apps allow you to train and calculate your calorie burn and fitness levels whether you are indoors or outdoors. With the digital age today, you are able to form or join groups on social media platforms to motivate yourself.

2. Get A Good Pair Of Shoe

Stating the obvious here, but it is definitely a no brainer that you should always get a good pair of shoe. A good pair of shoe will prevent injuries, wear and tear of your shoe while also providing you with good support, crucial to alleviate or prevent knee, hip and back pain. Furthermore, getting a good pair of running shoe can act as a motivation for you to train and improve your performance levels. Aside from the big name brands and sportswear stores in the local shopping malls, you can shop online for the latest shoes if you are too busy to head to the brick and mortar.

3. Diet

Preparing ourselves for a marathon is as important as the actual marathon itself. With the proper exercise regimen, diet and dedication, you will be able to achieve successful weight loss, improved stamina and strength. In order to reap the benefits of your exercise, the right diet ensures that your body is properly fueled and allows muscle building. When it comes to fueling your body and preparing for marathons, you may consider consuming complex carbohydrates consisting of foods such as whole grains, cereal, pasta, vegetable, low-dairy foods as well as healthy fats like avocado and nuts. Fortunately, you do not have to go through all the hassle of preparing these foods as there are plenty of healthy food options in Singapore that you can get while you are outside. In fact, you can find these healthy food spots everywhere. The government in Singapore has even given out a sticker to indicate that the food is a healthier choice, so keep a lookout whenever you are ordering your food.