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How To Stay Connected In Singapore

Communicating or overseas travel was once considered extravagant and accessible to the rich only. These days, the world that we live in is getting smaller and connected due to technology advancement. For those fortunate to live in the present day, travel has become more accessible and affordable, and the global landscape has allowed businesses to operate on a bigger scale. Nowadays, a plane ride can get us across various country and continents with ease, and messaging apps are able to connect us across a few time zones.

For those who are contemplating to relocate to Singapore, you are in for luck as Singapore provides one of the best networks. From home broadband to mobile data etc. which is essential for individuals who need to stay in contact with their family, business, and watch their favorite entertainment shows. Thankfully there is an abundance of operators in Singapore that offer mobile plans and services such as postpaid, prepaid plans. These plans offer data, talk time, and roaming services etc.

We hope this article provides you with more information when you relocate to Singapore, and you will be able to find the most suitable plan that caters to your needs.


Staying Connected In Singapore

Similar to most technologically advanced countries, Singapore offers both Postpaid and Prepaid plans for mobiles, and Broadband for homes. The services are generally the same across most telcos, with the main difference being the price and offers.

A prepaid mobile plan typically requires you to pay a sum of money upfront dependant on your daily, weekly or monthly usage. With the top up amount, a number of plans (either mobile data, talk time, or both) can be purchased. Some plans are bundled with fixed talk time, data or messages, while others are packaged as pay as you go (PAYG).

Pay as you go: charged based on your usage..

On the other hand, a postpaid mobile plan enables you to pay a fixed amount at the end of every month. The monthly amount you pay depends on the plan that you decide to sign up during the purchase of a mobile. The plan includes a variety of value-added services such as calls, messages, data etc. and any other additional charges when you exceed the limits of your monthly plan.

Apart from the mobile plans, there are also broadbands for households and businesses which consists of contract and no-contract plans which are usually paid on a monthly basis and offers quick download speeds. With home or office broadband, it allows a user to stream, download movies, play games etc.

Besides this, there are also WiFi rental services available for both locals and tourists in Singapore. These WiFis usually comes as a device that allows a user to surf the internet on the go while you are overseas or visiting Singapore without having to purchase a SIM card.


Prepaid Plans

If you prefer prepaid plans, you will be glad to know that the telcos in Singapore offer plenty of plans and services. Packaged with a SIM card, they must be inserted into the mobile phone. The plans and services include “data and voice plans”, “data only plans” etc. Prepaid plans also allow you to have greater control over your daily, weekly or monthly usage. In Singapore, prepaid plans are available for purchase across most heartland malls, convenience stores etc. and can be easily accessed via a mobile app. In Singapore, prepaid plans are available for purchase across most heartland malls, convenience stores etc. and can be easily accessed via a mobile app. If you are thinking of relocating to Singapore and starting off with a prepaid plan, you would be delighted to know that there are also roaming packs as well as unlimited data plans etc. if your job requires you to travel frequently.


Postpaid Plans

Postpaid plans are similar to prepaid plans which require a mobile phone for the SIM card to be inserted. All telcos in Singapore offer plans and services such as “data and voice plans”, “data only plans” etc. The difference is that postpaid plans come as either contract or no contract. For postpaid, the plan has a monthly billing cycle, and you can sign up when you renew your contract. For individuals relocating to Singapore and considering to sign up for a postpaid plan, there are plenty of plans and value-added services for you to select from. Likewise, postpaid plans allow you to add on more data or roaming plans if you require.



On the other hand, broadbands are generally installed at home or offices and allow us to surf the internet, watch videos etc. Most telcos in Singapore offer broadband plans and services with a monthly bill cycle. The main difference between the broadband offered by various telcos is the speed and offers. Majority of home users in Singapore have broadband for surfing and streaming videos via your laptop, mobile phone etc at the comfort of your home. The broadband plans offered by Singapore also provides you with free fixed voice services where you can enjoy unlimited local incoming and outgoing calls. For people planning to relocate to Singapore, consider signing up for a home broadband plan to enjoy quicker internet speed and affordable calls that you can make through a home line.


WiFi Rental Services

Another way of staying connected via data plans, there are various companies in Singapore that offer WiFi rental services if you do not wish to go through all the hassle of purchasing a SIM card. These WiFis can be purchased at selected places across Singapore if you do not wish to get a roaming plan via the mobile operators.