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How to Wear Layers and Still Keep Cool

Living in a tropical climate can make putting together an outfit that is simultaneously stylish and keeps us cool a slightly more difficult task. With the all year round sunny weather, it is tempting to simply throw on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and head out the door. And although a t-shirt and jeans combo can be perfectly stylish (pair it with a red lip and you are instantly channelling your inner French girl!), the casual get-up can get mundane for the local fashion enthusiast.

However, looking at the bright side, this just provides an opportunity for stylish Singaporeans to be creative when putting together an outfit. You would think that living on this sunny island would mean the locals have to limit themselves to the typical lightweight summer outfits such as flowy dresses, loose tops and culottes. But, on the contrary, Singaporean fashionistas are great at putting together outfits that incorporate autumn/winter styles that still allow them to stay cool under the sun.


4 Tips on Wearing Layers in Singapore

The signature style of the autumn/winter season is layering, mainly for the purpose of allowing the wearer to stay warm and toasty in the cold weather. Layering your clothes, however, does not necessarily have to be limited to the colder seasons. When done properly with the right kind of pieces, layering can work well in the hotter months without making you get all sweaty and stuffy.

Below, we recommend several tips on how you can pull off the layering look under the local weather with style:

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

Layering your clothes with thick knitted jumpers, wool cardigans and cashmere tops are definitely a no-go in Singapore’s sunny weather. Opt for lightweight fabrics instead such as linen, cotton and rayon. The breathable quality of these fabrics will ensure you will be kept cool even after layering one piece over another. Linen is a particularly great fabric to wear as the material allows for more air circulation, which means you will not have to worry too much about your clothes getting damp from perspiration. For a preppy look, put on a long-sleeved striped cotton shirt over a short-sleeved linen blouse and pair it with a pair of chino pants.

Loose Blazers with Structured Shoulders

If you work in a typical office environment, blazers are most probably part of your work wardrobe as they help you achieve a professional appearance in a snap. However, blazers also make stylish options when you wish to dress up a casual outfit. The only downside is that they can be too hot to wear under the sun, especially if the blazer is made of a thicker material like wool and flannel. For a blazer that is more lightweight and will still keep you cool, opt for one made of cotton. Linen blazers are good options too, particularly if you prefer a more casual look rather than one that is too business-like. If you want to play with different fits in one look, go for a box-cut blazer with structured shoulders and layer it over a form-fitting dress or a shirt and skinny jeans combo. Plus, the loose fit of a box-cut blazer means it will hang off of you rather than cling onto your body, providing you with a more comfortable wear compared to a tailored blazer.

Experiment with Textures

Fashionable autumn/winter styles are generally easier to put together as there is a variety of textures to experiment with. Think leather jackets, faux fur coats, wool cardigans and cashmere jumpers. Summer styles, however, provide limited textures to play around with, which can make your outfit look bland and one-dimensional. But that does not mean all is lost when it comes to mixing textures in an outfit. You can play around with softer textures such as lace, chiffon and silk. Plus, the thinner material of these textures makes them perfect to be layered over. For instance, you can wear a chiffon top underneath a pair of dungarees to achieve a masculine-feminine look. Or layer a sleeveless summer dress over a lace top for a bohemian vibe.

Go Kimono

Finding outerwear that is lightweight enough to layer over your clothes in hot weather can be a challenge. Most jackets tend to be too thick and bulky, coats are definitely not an option, and the knitted textures of sweaters are just not right for the sun. For an alternative to these outerwear options, how about trying your hand at styling a kimono-style outerwear? With their long billowy sleeves, lightweight fabric and loose fit, kimono-style outerwears make the perfect piece to layer over your clothes. Wear it over a dress for a boho feel or pair it with jeans to dress up a casual outfit. If you don’t fancy the loose fit of a kimono, simply tie it at the waist to create a curvy silhouette.