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Ideas For Styling Your Tiny Balcony

Looking at the floor plan of the new house that you are planning to rent or buy as you make plans for residing here in this nation and cannot help but wonder what you can do with that tiny balcony space? Well, with a bit of creativity and space planning, you may just figure something clever for efficient use of that space.

Many homeowners, like you, may find it rather challenging to find a purpose or function for this nook of semi-outdoor space. Some have converted it into a small laundry area to dry their clothes, some may have decided to make use of the ample sunlight that is coming in to create their mini garden right at home, while some just left the space empty. So what would you do with yours?


Herb Garden

Stating the obvious as the first on the list is to grow yourself a plethora of crops that can be harvested for your dinner, to refresh the air in your home or even provide you with a lovely hobby to share with your kids. Try growing simple crops like bird’s eye chilli, eggplant, sweet basil and tomatoes. They grow well in Singapore’s balmy weather and are rather effortless to care for. If you are concern about the space constraint, have a shelf set up for some vertical garden (just like the tall building that you are living in) and start growing them plants! If you are unsure of how to start, try grabbing a pot or two from the nurseries and ask the staff there for some advice.

Give your garden a touch of magic with fairy lights entwined to larger plants or structure. Turn on the lights when night falls and you get a lovely effect that mimics fireflies dancing in your tiny balcony.


Bar Ledge

Love the alfresco seating in bars? Well, this idea may just what you need for your balcony. With the night scene set in motion featuring fairy lights, having a bar ledge built-in along and atop your balcony railing can be that wonderful thing to have right at home. The luxury of sipping your favourite drink while taking in the view can be rather intoxicating (in a good way of course). Breakfast for two at the spot can be a nice way to get ready for the day, especially when you have a view in the garden city.

Install weatherproof blinds to keep your balcony dry during wet weather or to shield some sunlight when you need some shade in the day. Pop in a plant or two to cosy things up, and not forgetting a lovely jute rug and some big and pretty candleholders to up the ambience.


Room Of Requirements

If you can have windows built to shield the weather from your balcony, you probably get to hit the jackpot of creating an additional room. Compartmentalise the balcony and turn it into your home office, a spare bedroom or even a playroom for your little ones. Simply install some blinds or day curtain, pop in the required furniture and ensure that you have powerpoints for your equipment if you are turning it into a home office.

Dress it up with some plants, a lovely rug and throw cushions to make it a beautiful, cosy spot in your house. Be sure to give some thoughts to the storage of toys if it is for the kids. Perhaps platform storage with flip-up cabinets or a treasure trunk of sorts if you would like. Alternatively, if the balcony is an open one, a teepee or tent could just be what your little one needs for a bit of an indoor adventure getaway with their book or toys.


Cosy Corner

Now, before you think that cosy corners really are for indoor corners only, think again. They are after all born of places that are rather small, awkward, with pretty much no main daily function to impose on and can fit a lounge chair for you to snuggle up as you read a good book, watch a film from your electronic device or simply just lay there and listening to some music with a drink. An enclosed balcony surely fits the bill for a typical cosy corner description after placing in the curtains, chair, side table and perhaps a display/ bookshelf.

If it is an open balcony, consider installing a garden swing, placing in and outdoor furniture lounge chair or daybed for an amazing set up to chill and relax in. If you are on a tight budget, placing hooks for hanging up a hammock may just fit the bill. Think of a lazy afternoon that you can hop into the hammock and rock yourself into a snooze gently. Plus, it makes a wonderful makeshift guest bedroom for any surprise layover, any time.

Spruce it up for yourself with some lovely throw cushions and some easy to maintain green and you will find yourself a little chill out sanctuary within your cosy home. Happy decorating!