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Is My Partner Eligible For A Singapore PR?

Living in Singapore is great when you are a foreigner on a work pass, dependency pass or long-term visitor pass. But there is an even better proposition out there and that is to make the move to becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR). On top of the safety and stability of living in Singapore, there are many more benefits and privileges to becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident like subsidies for public medical services, lower fees for government-run childcare and education and the eligibility to own public housing in the city-state.


Are You Eligible?

The good news for those who are on a dependency pass with a spouse working in Singapore is that you are eligible to apply for a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR). Based on the information found on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website, you have to be legally married to a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident to be eligible for a Singapore PR as a spouse of a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).


The First Step

How you can take the first step is for your spouse to submit the permanent residence application online via the e-service on the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) website using his or her valid SingPass account. Something to add about the permanent residence application is that there are a number of documents that need to be prepared before you start your application process on the ICA website. This would include having to furnish documents like your passport photo, marriage certificate, immigration passes and other pertinent documents outlined in the application process. While gathering all of them might be a time-intensive process, the success of your PR application relies heavily on your ability to produce and upload the documents that are needed.


Approval Is Not An Absolute

Contrary to popular belief, it is wise to understand that approval is not a guarantee when you apply Singapore PR for a spouse. This is as such because of how the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) assesses each application holistically by looking at different criteria like your spouse’s financial ability to support the family, length of the couple’s marriage and whether or not there are any children in the family.

In addition to your union or marriage with your spouse, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officers take into account other considerations as well when looking through your PR application like the length of time you have been staying in Singapore, your employment background, the credentials of your employer, your salary, your familial ties in Singapore and if you have offered any charitable contributions to society. What they are looking at when they look at these factors is your ability to assimilate into the community and this would be influenced by the factors detailed above, including your level of language proficiency and level of education.


Making Your Application Stronger

For a stronger PR application, it has been suggested to retain any references from those who can vouch for your commitment to contribute to Singapore society, provide payslips over the last half a year to prove your financial standing and capability to provide for the family and to maintain an updated work portfolio to present your competence in the Singapore workforce. A cover letter that is written by a professional from Immigration Solutions Singapore, detailing why you are such a good fit to the nation, has also been found to help maximise your chances of success in your application process.


Final Note

Because of how the results of your PR application process wouldn’t be known till four to six months later, it could derail your life plans if your application gets turned down due to missing documents, further prolonging your wait of reaching the promised land of becoming a Singapore permanent resident. If you are uncertain and unsure on the documents you need to furnish in the e-service process, get external help with your application process or it could be months and even years before you encounter success on your Singapore PR application for your spouse.