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Is Singapore The Safest Country in The World?

Is Singapore The Safest Country in The World?


Research Studies Prove It

A world-wide survey has shown that Singaporeans feel safer than citizens of any other countries in the world. This outcome is similar to that of other researches. For example, the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index from 2017 to 2018 ranked Singapore number 1 for order and security. Also in the 2017 Global Smart City Performance Index released in 2018, Singapore was positioned as the safest country in the world.

In fact, a study from the research firm, Gallup, mentioned that up to 94% of the people feel safe and are not afraid to walk along at night in Singapore, as compared to the global average of 68%. Take a look at the list from Gallup’s Law and Order Index, which took results from a vast number of residents from 142 countries, in which 100 points is considered perfect score.

Law and Order Index Worldwide
  1. Singapore (97)
  2. Norway (93)
  3. Iceland (93)
  4. Finland (93)
  5. Uzbekistan (91)
  6. Hong Kong (91)
  7. Switzerland (90)
  8. Canada (90)
  9. Indonesia (89)
  10. Denmark (88)


First Choice to Work in

The Group Managing Director of Ademco Security Group, Toby Koh, mentioned that many international companies choose to set up their headquarters in Singapore because of the country’s security and stability. He continued to say that safety and security is the most important factor to top management people and businesses.

Actually, many of the foreign employees choose to work in Singapore because they are able to bring their families here to be with them safely and soundly. This is a major contributing factor to why Singapore is chosen as one of the most popular countries to work in.


Doors Are Not Even Locked

The most interesting thing to note about Singapore’s safety is that many shops do not even lock up because of the country’s low crime rate. In Raffles Place, a Starbucks cafe does not even have doors and yet it is located in one of Singapore’s most crowded underground train stations. The store simply uses a rope to show that the shop is closed, while all the products are still placed within the reach of any passer-by.

Moreover, in the many ground floors of buildings located in the heart of the city, many stores do not even have windows, locks and doors too. Apparently, Singapore is indeed safe in order for storekeepers to have such a huge trust in the public.


Other Dangerous Countries

Other countries, such as Afghanistan, were rated to be the most dangerous countries in the world. Afghanistan has a very extremely high rate of crime, terrorism, civil unrest and armed conflict. According to the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory, Afghanistan has been assessed as Level 4 state, which means that it is not advisable for anybody to travel to that country.

Other dangerous and less secure countries include Philippines, South Africa, Ukraine, Colombia, Yemen, Egypt and Kenya.


The Permanency Residency

Is Singapore The Safest Country in The World?

In our company, Immigration Solutions, tens of thousands of our clients said the same thing too. They revealed that the main reason why they want to become Singapore permanent residents is because of the safety and security of the nation. With almost no crime and violence to worry about when living in Singapore, they can focus on their work, family and building a life in this country. Other clients mentioned that the cleanliness of the country is also one of the key reasons why they choose Singapore as their top choice for migration.

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