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Jet Set With These Weekend Getaways From Singapore

The best part about making this place your home is the fact that Asia is now your playground and the weekends are now yours to hop from country to country in the name of exploration. This is as such because of how well Singapore is strategically located — nestled in between Malaysia, Indonesia and a host of other countries, Singapore is surrounded by a number of top-rated destinations that are high up on Lonely Planet’s top countries to visit. Just think about it, there are countless adventures to be had. Whether it is an extended weekend or just a quick two-day getaway, you can jump on a ferry or even get on a plane and find yourself in a pristine white beach in Bali or admiring the view after an arduous mountain trek in Kota Kinabalu.


Which Places To Visit

When it comes to which destination to hop to, something that you should consider is the number of days that you plan to stay in a country. Planning to take an extended vacation with a few leave days, that gives you extra wiggle room to travel to somewhere further like China, Nepal and even Maldives. But if you are taking just the weekends to open your eyes, there are plenty of countries that you could choose from that doesn’t require more than two hours of travel to get there. Here are a few popular countries that most locals visit for a quick getaway to let off some steam.



It is unfair to lump the whole of Malaysia together and that is because of how large and wide the country is. You have the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, which has both a buzzing nightlife and a good mix of history and culture in it. Just a causeway away, there is also Johor Bahru for its delectable food options and shopping to do. The little ones would absolutely be rooting for Johor Bahru since that is where Legoland can be found and a day trip to the theme park is what most families do before putting their feet up at the Legoland themed-hotel in the evening. If beach holidays are what you enjoy, you will find Langkawi that is situated off the Peninsular West Coast as a really great option. The island of Langkawi has long been heralded as a popular tropical destination and that is where you will find many luxurious beach resorts and spas that you can drop in on. Not to mention, it only takes an hour of flying to get there with many airlines doing the Singapore-Langkawi route from Changi International airports. There are of course further destinations like Genting and Cameron Highlands where you can experience cool wintry weather due to its location high up in the mountains.



You would be shocked to know that there are over 17 500 islands in all of Indonesia. To put it into perspective, it would take you close to five decades to put your flag on all of the islands if you were to visit one island each day of the year. Do not let that dissuade you since you can start on that adventure by picking some of the main islands like Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java. Indonesia has been made synonymous with beach holidays and islands like Bintan and Bali all pop up. The most convenient options for a beach holiday has to be Bintan since a 90-minute ferry ride takes you straight to the port. But if you are looking for an Eat Pray Love experience (ala Elizabeth Gilbert), Bali would be the ideal place to start. Made popular by the biographical memoir by author Elizabeth Gilbert, Bali is now known to an international audience as a place where you can climb terraced rice fields, pay respects at temples, journey on jungle walks and grab a surfboard at the many beaches there. Because of how there are



There are plenty of destinations that one can go to that is just a few hours away from Singapore. Another hot favourite of locals is Thailand and it is easy to see why. It doesn’t take longer than two to three hours for you to arrive in Thailand and this country is definitely more than just the glitzy and bustling streets of Bangkok. While Bangkok has its amazing street food stalls, ornate temples and busy markets and shopping malls, there is plenty more to see outside of town. If wildlife and getting in touch with nature is your thing, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle could be your next destination where you can dance with elephants, sit in teak forests and trek through jungles. Thailand is also known as a beach destination and Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi are just a few of those that would make your weekend. Just imagine, you soaking up the sun while on the gorgeous sandy beaches with the cool breeze running through your hair.