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Music Schools in Singapore

Whether you’re looking to sign your child up for music lessons and workshops or simply looking to pick up a new instrument, Singapore, despite its size, offers a plethora of choices when it comes to music schools. Needless to say, it can be somewhat of a challenge to find a good music school that suits your needs and that of your child’s. This is especially true when you have just shifted to this state and still navigating your way around. But fret not! Here are some of the best schools you can take a look at to improve your musical ability and kickstart your child’s passion for music.


Best Music Schools for Children

Presto Studios

Presto Studios provides a conducive and creative environment to inspire and create a positive music experience for students. It goes without saying that a school is only as good as its teachers, and Presto Studios is no exception to that belief. Adequately staffed with professional and committed teachers who carry university degrees from prestigious institutions overseas. Working with the mantra, “music education from the heart”, teachers here employ different teaching methods to reach students and ensure that their efforts cultivate a passion for music. Apart from that, the school also goes the extra mile to coach each student individually, all the way up to the ABRSM exams (music exams). At the same time, students will be provided with countless opportunities and events to hone their skills.

The Musical Voyage

If there is a place that takes a holistic approach to music education minus the stress-free learning environment, its the Musical Voyage. The school promotes two key programs, namely Kindermusik, which comprises of music and movement and the other Soft Mozart, which mainly focuses on keyboard instruction. Kindermusik is suitable for babies aged three months and above. During their time in this program, they will get a chance to play, sing and get a hands-on experience on various instruments. The best part of the program is that it is specifically designed to allow children to bond with caretakers and parent while learning something new every day. The Soft Mozart program, on the other hand, gives children access to interactive piano learning software, making it extremely convenient and easy to use.

Aureus Academy

Noted for its 100% pass rate on the highly-regarded ABRSM Music Exam, the Aureus Academy is a school that works hard to ensure that your child gets the best education it can offer. The school’s unique feature is its individually tailored lessons across a variety of instruments, including the violin, piano and guitar. There are also vocal lessons that your child can attend to improve his/her singing prowess. The school’s commitment to providing enriching and quality lessons is evident in the number of students, over 5000, enrolled in their school and the number of lessons they conduct in a month, over 2000! One of the best things about Aureus Academy is that it is spread across ten convenient locations in Singapore, with its flagship centre on Orchard Road. Besides striving for excellence, the centre seeks to ignite and sustain the passion of music amongst its students.


Best Music Schools for Adults


The renowned Yamaha Corporation is more than just a place you can buy musical instruments or materials to master certain instruments. The reputable company provides a slew of music education for children and adults alike. Depending on the instrument of your choice, Yamaha provides an extensive music course that will make you an expert in no time—provided you put in the time and energy into your practice. Whether you are taking up the piano or the classical guitar, the courses taught by the school are either conducted in groups or individually, depending on your preference. Additionally, there is a growing network of Jam Studios that are perfect for a fruitful jam session.

Believer Music

With three locations in the west, central and the east, Believer Music is accessible and convenient for working adults who are pressed for time. The school prides itself in its wide range of music courses. In fact, you can learn anything from the drums, keyboard, to bass and guitars. There is even vocal training offered here. Additionally, the school employs flexible and knowledgeable instructors who are patient and committed to teaching you the ins and outs of an instrument.

Joy Music Studio

Another notable mention is the Joy Music Studio. First opened in 2014, the school has since gone on to expand and open a second music centre in 2018. It’s growing success can be attributed to its dedicated teachers who strive to teach music lessons, engaging and enjoyable. They also take a unique approach to their music lessons by giving students the flexibility to explore their instruments without confining them to a rigid course structure. Moreover, students attending the courses are taught based on their schedule and experience. Teachers also go so far as to ensure that they match the learning pace of their students. This allows students to make significant progress without leaving them feeling dejected when they can’t cope with the lessons.