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Places In Singapore You Should Know About

Singapore may be a small island-state, but we are big on fun. After all, as one of the most densely populated countries in the world, there is bound to be high demand for things and places to relieve us of or, at least, distract us from the pressures and stresses of city living.

Beyond just having good and affordable food, Singapore is also known for its stewardship of any last vestiges of nature in the city, the protection and promotion of local culture, as well as new avenues of leisure the modern era has to offer.

If awe-inspiring skyscraper views, Michelin-starred fine-dining and glitzy shopping districts do not jive with your free-spirited appetite for activities unique to each country, or if you are aspiring to live and work in this busy country and are interested to know what to do here, we have got a list for you.


Become Robin Hood With Archery Tag

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by technology that we just want to go back in time, away from technology as much as possible and do something “old”. Or maybe we just want to find an excuse to see our friends get hit in the face by arrows. Well, the game of Archery Tag fulfils that bloodthirsty desire and there are vendors that offer it.

But there is no need to worry though, these arrows do not kill; they have foam tips to make sure your sadistic pleasure can be fulfilled over and over again without killing your friend. Relive the memories of medieval ballistic battles and annihilate opposing archers.


Take Your Aim At (Clay) Pigeons

Singapore has one of the strictest gun laws in the world. In fact, owning firearms by private citizens are strictly prohibited. This is why people in Singapore feel safe walking at night. But if you think there is zero chance of touching and even firing a real firearm, you are mistaken.

Live out your fantasy of being an Olympic sharpshooter at clay shooting at the Singapore Gun Club, testing your precision with clay pigeons.


Hockey Too Mainstream? Go Underwater

Perhaps hockey is such a popular sport where you came from that even infants fresh from the hospital can pick up a hockey stick and score a goal. But what if we take it underwater? Add to your list of sports that you have never played before with underwater hockey! Players are equipped with snorkels and a trusty hockey stick to battle it out by trying to score with a hockey puck underwater.


Get Fast And Furious

Have racer’s blood coursing through your veins but the strict traffic laws are preventing you from unleashing the beast? Become Lewis Hamilton for a day at karting race courses in Singapore. Not even needing a driving license, you can get to race your opponents with powerful karts that go zoom at up to 30 kilometres per hour.

But if you are not much of a speed demon but a family person, some karting courses offer 2-seater vehicles for couples and parents who would prefer to just cruise along.


Get Artistic

Get in touch with the artistic side of you with a myriad of workshops where you learn arts and crafts that range from paper marbling to making jewellery and creative homemade bentos (Japanese packed meals) to make your packed lunches the envy of your colleagues. There are also pottery classes where you can shape your clay, bake it in the kiln, have it polished and shipped to your home in time for your house-warming party. And if you are looking for something more therapeutic, there are art studios in the city where you can go, either alone or with someone, and be provided with a blank canvas, some paint and brushes to let your creative juices flow.


Take A Stroll Along Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery is one of Singapore’s most iconic graveyards, where about a hundred thousand graves belonging to early Singapore pioneers, and some of these graves date back  to as early as the 1830s. Be sure to go as soon as you can, since the government indicated that the cemetery may be exhumed.

This abandoned cemetery is filled, literally, with history. Among the dead there lie our pioneers like Gan Eng Seng and Chew Joo Chiat. They have a guided tour for visitors to uncover and understand more about our heritage.


Try Your Hand At Buying Second-Hand

Bras Basah Complex is one Singapore star places to shop at in the yesteryears where you can find everything you need there. Although now it is a shadow of its former glory, it is by no means less exciting to explore. If anything, it still carries a vintage charm to it.

The complex houses many unique bookstores which are regarded as a book collector’s heaven. Expect to find an old Archie’s Comics issues or even the Bookworm Gang! Find titles of both the old and new across genres and types of literature, from novels to music scores to manga and cookbooks — you name it.

Perhaps you are not so much of an avid reader and less of a literature collector. But you are looking for pre-loved furniture to deck your house vintage-style. Turns our Bras Basah Complex features second-hand furniture shops where you can find old gramophones, trinkets and furniture there too!