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Places to Exercise At In Singapore

Regarded as one of the best countries known for its lush greenery, clean air and predictable climate, Singapore offers you plenty of exciting trails and spaces to exercise. With parks, hills, running tracks and more, there are countless spots to exercise apart from heading to the gym. Due to its extensive transportation system, it is easy to plan an exercise trip to any of the places. In fact, the convenience of getting around has increased the interest of individuals to exercise.

One of the most advanced countries in the world, you are able to get the latest devices and apps. These devices and apps can even help you with your workouts and weight loss efforts without having to spend extra money. As one of the countries that have the highest number of social media usage, there are even groups and communities where you can either form or join one to make your workouts more exciting. These online platforms allow you to find out more trails and places to go too. With the abundance of technologies available, you can find different workout techniques and improve your fitness levels too.

With its predictable weather, clean air and safe environment, you can work out almost any time of the day. You can get up as early as 5am, when it is cool and fresh, and as late as 10pm without having to worry about your safety. In Singapore, you can even get updates about the weather through various mobile apps to help you make your exercise plans. If you have a habit of waking up later during weekends and want to avoid the scorching sun, you can even exercise at the comfort of your home!

If you are looking for spots to exercise and considering to make the move to this sunny island, continue reading this article further as we will be giving you some insight about Singapore and providing some exercising tips without heading to the gym.


Exercising Spots In Singapore

In recent years, Singapore has become famous for its entertainment and sports, with international music and sporting events held regularly. There are also various sporting events such as car racing, international football games that are held regularly in Singapore too! If you want to meet famous celebrities and athletes, you will be glad to know that Singapore is a popular destination for most international actors and athletes.

With its flat terrain and suitable roads and pavements, Singapore is one of the best countries/city to walk around and exercise. As you walk or exercise, you get to enjoy the fresh and clean air. After your exercise, there are plenty of food spots that offers a wide range of local and international food for you to feast on.

In fact, there are plenty of spots to exercise in Singapore for free! The government has actively funded and built parks, running tracks around most neighbourhoods where you can run and use some gym equipment at the fitness corners too! Both the young and elderly are also able to use the fitness and exercise spots.


Spots To Exercise In Singapore Without A Gym

1. Marina Barrage

Built at the confluence of five rivers, Marina Barrage is considered one of Singapore’s fifteen reservoirs. In fact, it supplies approximately 10% of the nation’s water needs. The Marina Barrage also serves to alleviate flooding. Overlooking Marina Bay Sands, Marina Barrage is a good spot for you to run, stroll or have a bit of fun. Located near the sea, you can enjoy the strong gust of wind and clean air. Furthermore, you can do activities such as kite-flying, kayaking and more at Marina Barrage. On weekends, the grass area is usually full of people who built a tent or lay down their mats for a picnic. You can even head to the shopping malls for a meal or take a train for some food when you have finished exercising

2. Bayfront And Singapore River

Sitting in the heart of Singapore, where the iconic Merlion sits, the stretch around the Bayfront area allows you to exercise and enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking view of Singapore. Considered as a popular spot among locals and white collar workers, you can take a jog around the Bayfront area on the hard concrete and towering architecture. The route takes you from the boardwalk along the Marina Bay waterfront, heading down towards the Helix Bridge, and around the Esplanade Theatres and the direction of The Fullerton Hotel. If you want to a bit more adventure, you can consider jogging towards the Singapore River towards Boat Quay and onwards. Choosing this location to exercise, you will get a great view of the bustling CBD area.

3. Gardens By The Bay

A nature park that spans across 101 hectares, the park consists of three waterfront gardens. There are also areas that are open to the public, where you can jog and enjoy the scenic views. With two routes, one leading to Marina Bay and the other towards Gardens By The Bay, you can exercise along the paved paths around the waterfront. If you are running in the evenings, you are greeted with the popular illuminating Supertrees and skyscrapers in the distance.