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Renters Edition: A Stylish Bedroom

It is very easy for your space to not feel like a home to you. It can be prominently so especially when it is a place that you are renting. The space may be lacking the decorative elements that resonate with you and/or display your personality and style. That said, reasons for this lack-of could be that the landlord has a long list of limitations on how much you can alter the property, or it can also be that the small space that you have rented makes adding accessories or any unnecessary item a move closer to clutter.

With that said, it is still hard to deny the fact that it is a lovely feeling to have when you return to a place that is tailored to you after being out the whole day. A sanctuary that you can unwind in and feel a sense of belonging. To help bridge this feeling of detachment, we have got some clever renters editions for you to get started with for a stylish bedroom. Read on!


Cosy Things Up With Rug, Throws & Cushions

Starting with the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, your bed is probably the easiest to start with. Getting a gorgeous bedframe would help heaps but a rug underneath or by the side of your bed can add a touch of cosiness instantly. Pick a design that is muted to help create a sense of larger space or one that makes a bold statement to draw attention to your bed. Next, toss in a decorative cushion or two to dress up your bed. Remember to pick a design that complements your room and bedsheets!

If you are looking at upping the styling game, a tip from interior stylists is to place a throw by the end of your bed for a luxury interior look.


Sprinkle Some Ambience With Plants

Nothing gives a room more life and ambience than plants. Don’t worry if living plants are too much for you to handle. Faux plants are just as amazing and they can do wonders for the one who lacks the green thumb or time. Place them on your tabletops or part of your bookshelf for an effortless boost in creating a stylish bedroom.


Standing Shelves For The Win

One of the rules listed by many renters in Singapore is that the tenants are not allowed to drill or install decor that hangs onto the walls. This rule may just be the number one killer of any interior styling desires for sure, but we have got you covered.

Bend that rule by adding a stylish shelf display into your room which can double up as storage space for your belongings too! Not only does it put an end to the interior styling slaughter, but it also allows you to make better use of the vertical space in the room stylishly.

Now. with a standing bookshelf on the roll, let’s get started on the list of items to pop on those empty shelves.

Framed Pictures & Photographs

If you have moved from a foreign land to reside here, chances are that you would feel a little lonely at times, and a picture or two of your loved ones being displayed may help to soothe that loneliness. So get started by framing up your pictures and photographs. It can also be freeze frames of your travels or even cut-outs from magazines. The key here is to have aesthetically pleasing visuals added to your space without cluttering it. If you have yet to have a single clue on what to frame up by now, go online and find images that you love and print them out! Get creative and even get a vision board framed if you would like. Keep it to 4-5 frames to avoid clutter.

Your Tale-Telling Decor

Decorative pieces are wonderful for giving your shelves a boost in style and ambience. It can also be a chance for you to layout pieces that make you feel happy or remind you of enjoyable times like a recent trip or achievement. Place one or two of them on your shelf for that joy-sparking effect and layering of visual texture.

Trinket Boxes & Storage Pieces

Keep your shelf and tabletop looking impeccably neat with stylish trinket boxes. They do come in really handy to contain little clutter piles that are caused by your knick-knacks that does not seem to belong anywhere. Spruce things up a little by getting trinket boxes with printed designs or a design element that you enjoy. If you have larger items to store in boxes, placing them in storage boxes of similar design may be what you will need to keep things neat and organised.  The top and bottom tiers of your shelf may be the best places for the larger storage boxes while you keep the shelves at your eye level for the pretty things.