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Renters Edition: Flooring Options You Can Consider

So you have finally gotten the keys to the rented apartment as you make plans to carve a career here in this fast-growing nation. As a person who loves to give your new space a quick makeover to turn a house into your home, you cannot help but wonder if you could make some changes and updates to the flooring.

Despite the common rule of not drilling a hole on the wall to hang decor or art, changing out the flooring is also a no-no for many landlords. However, we totally understand that it is the cohesive look that makes the styling look amazing, so we are here to help! Read on for the hacks that can help you work up some floor magic while attaining your interior goals without your landlord’s disapproval.


Rugs Are Your Best Pal

One of the easiest and quickest ways is to introduce a rug to your space. Pick one that complements your design theme and lay the rug over the existing floors. Not only can the rug be a cushion to your feet, it can be a design statement of your space. A bold and striking rug design can add visual interest while drawing attention to a focal point in the room. Alternative you can go for a soft, subtle and modern design that injects cosy was to your elegant space without stealing the limelight from everything else in the room. The key here is to identify what are you looking for in a rug. A team player or a star player?

Doormats are great for entryways or they could be layered with larger rugs ( play around with different sizes, colours and textures) to create a one of a kind flooring design.

This hack is great for the bedroom, living room, study and even a walk in wardrobe. If you find an amazing patterned piece that would fit your dining table and chairs perfectly, it is definitely a good to go.


Overlay With Laminate Floor Tiles

An alternative to rugs would be the laminate floor tiles. Give this a go if you have got some budget at hand to spruce up your place. Not only are laminate floor tiles going to give your space a whole new look, they are removable and will not damage the existing flooring. They come in many colours, designs, textures for you to choose from, so if you want the parquet floor look, you can definitely achieve a rather similar look at a fraction of the price. The same goes for a marble or concrete looking design that can give your room a modern update.

On top of that, installation can be rather easy given that they are mostly a clip-ons joining to the tile next to it. Do inform the installers to avoid using adhesive for the installation so that you can be guaranteed the process of reinstating the original flooring is pretty much effortless work.

We think that the laminate floor tiles can be placed in any room that does not deal with large amounts of moisture despite the claim of being water resilient. So try to avoid using them for your kitchen ( if you cook in it often as that will require quite a bit of washing up) and bathrooms.

Going ahead with the laminate tiles is definitely a worthy investment to make for changing up the appearance of the floor in your rented apartment or new home.


Baby Your Feet

Do you know the foam puzzle looking mats that are often laid out for little ones to crawl on to protect their limbs? Well, guess what! They are wonderful as a flooring alternative for the bedrooms! These interlocking floor mats are really affordable and come in many colours for you to choose from. You will find them a really wonderful solution if you are updating your bedroom space (or styling a kids room) and enjoy sleeping on a mattress that is laid on top of the mat.

The foam tiles are also great for adding a touch of warmth to the interior while softening the count of heavy footsteps.


Disguise A Shower Horror

If you find yourself a sweet rental space that has been used by previous tenants and you have concerns with personal hygiene, chances are that you may find the bathroom flooring a little difficult to step into with your bare feet. Should the need arise for the bathroom’s floor to be updated, try decking it out with water-resistant wood floor mat or outdoor decking tiles, where you can get them easily (and at affordable prices) from floor decking contractors and home decor stores like Ikea. Not only will these tiles give your shower a brand new look, they can create a beautiful decking for your balcony space too. So pick up your measuring tape and start figuring out how many tiles you will need and get decorating!