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Renters Edition: Sprucing Up The Bathroom

If you are renting an apartment as you relocate yourself here for better work opportunities or to stay with your spouse, chances are that there will be rules and regulations posted by the landlord for you to abide. However, that does not mean that you have to compromise style for your space, and that includes your bathroom too.

As the room of function and of utmost intimacy to any human, the bathroom deserves just as much attention as your bedroom. It is, after all, the first place you go and prep yourself for the day, wash up before you call it a day and hit the sack. And if you are lucky enough to have a tub in yours, you may even unwind with a soak. Hence, it definitely deserves some styling action, don’t you think? If you are looking for tips on how you can spruce up your bathroom without having your landlord giving you a hard time when you move out, read on!


Get Organised With Tray

Look at your vanity top. Are there objects that are scattered all around the surface as if someone has dropped the items from high above and left everything there on the table? If the answer is yes, try grouping your clutter into clusters for a neater appearance. Keeping things neat and tidy can be really easy when you allocate space to store and display them properly. Pick a large tray that matches your bathroom’s colour scheme and of a good size to contain all the items that you have on the vanity top. You do not need a fancy tray to get things organised if budget is an issue. A large rectangular or square plate that can contain your toothbrush holder, daily wash up necessities, shaver (and more) comfortably works just as well. After using the vanity, ensure that you put everything back on to the tray to maintain the tidiness.

For smaller items like cotton buds, facial cotton and bath cubes, pop them into a stylish waterproof trinket box. Glass or acrylic pieces may just do the trick while keeping things looking classy.


Cohesive Look With Refillable Containers

Even been to a luxury hotel and wonder why the bathroom feels so neat and looks so grand? Well, the key to achieving that is by keeping the bottles of shampoo, body wash and liquid items look like they belong to one collection. Simply get yourself a series of refillable containers for every key product that you have, say shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner, body lotion. Then fill them in and voila! Do stick to opaque bottles to conceal the different liquids’ colours. Simple and neat labelling of products may be required.

Again, you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to make this happen if you are on a tight budget. Just grab yourself some acrylic paint and start coating the array of bottles that you have to match. Alternatively, an opaque tall container without a lid to hold all the bottles in one might just do the trick.


Ladder As Towel Rack

If you need extra hanging space and you are not allowed to install more bathroom accessories onto the wall, a sleek ladder rack can be all that you need to change that situation. Plus, with many home organising shops around, you may find some hook on attachments, S hooks to hold a facial towel or a wire basket that contains some spare toilet rolls while adding more functions to the ladder. If you want to make it fancy, perhaps a magazine on one of the ladder’s bar would be what you will need.


Dress Things Up With Plants & Scents

Nothing can give a space a touch of style and elegance more than a plant and a lovely room scent. Simply place a small plant on your bathroom vanity top or hanging some lightweight plants in terrariums onto the exposed pipes in the bathroom. Go for faux plants if you plan to make things really fuss-free when it comes to maintenance.

As for the scent, candles or a reed diffuser of your favourite scent will do. Alternatively, a room spray can come in real handy for an instant refreshment if the bathroom smells funky after one is done with it.



If your landlord is alright with you making some minor works with the walls, you definitely scored yourself a bonus here! Apart from doing a major makeover, a framed artwork above your water closet, or on an empty wall can actually give the tiny bathroom a nice touch of style. There are also damage-free peel-off wall stickers that you can stick on for an injection of style and personality.

If storage or organising elements are what you will require, a magnetic board that you can pop on your items on (after attaching a magnet on them) can make things really easy for you to store and use in the bathroom!