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Renters Edition: Style Your Little One’s Room

Preparing for the arrival of your little one while you are looking at decorating the nursery can be quite the task if you are unsure of what you need and want. Whether you are first-time parents or have a nursery to put together in a rented apartment while staying in this country, we have got some of the cleverest styling tips that can help you get your little one’s room done effortlessly in no time at all. Read on!


Pick A Colour Scheme

Whether you are looking at embracing those whitewashed rental walls or plan to jazz the walls up with hassle-free removal wall stickers, picking a colour scheme that you love can help make your nursery styling game a whole lot more fun. Pastels, powdery shades, bright colours are foolproof but if you are looking for something that can withstand the test of time and inject a sense of sassy style to the room, black and white will work amazingly. Alternatively, a monochromatic look is definitely Pinterest worthy! So pick your favourite colour and do your best in sticking to it with the freedom of using its lighter and darker hues while you accessorise the room.


Gather Your Core Furniture

Like all the rooms in your home should be, the nursery should be able to cater to its main function. You will definitely need a crib, a chair or sofa bed for nursing, night light, storage solutions for your little one’s cute outfits. Loose furniture is always ideal as they can be moved around and allow you to reconfigure the space whenever and however you prefer. This is especially useful when the little one starts to crawl and walk.

Pick furniture that are not only functional and comfortable but in line with your colour scheme. Go with the basic white, cosy cream shades and wood finishes for the versatility to match everything without having to break into a sweat. Picking these colours over bold, vibrant shades can be half the battle won in getting a soothing, charming nursery look. Plus, they can easily be sold or donated to new parents to be when your child or children outgrow them.

Need help to decide if you should purchase any furniture? Take pictures of the items individually and put them in a college (there are many wonderful mobile applications that you can easily use to do this!) and decide if they go well together before you swipe your card for them.


Play With Pattern

Now that you got the foundations right, this time to inject a little fun into the room. Adding a pattern like stripes, polka dots, chevron or checks is one effortless way to layer visual textures to the room. Pop in your choice of pattern by including them on the sheets for the cot, a throw cushion on your nursing chair, curtains or even a rug!

Experiment with different scales of the pattern for an extra touch of fun and style. Do try to keep the ratio of pattern items to solid elements at one is to ten for a balanced, chic look that is also fun at the same time.

If you are rather clueless on what and how you should do, search for some inspiration online and pull a mood board together to keep your styling vision in check. The mood board will serve as your guide on what you are going to gather.


Add Height To Your Space

When you are renting, it is often that anything which requires a hole in the wall is a deal breaker with the landlord. But that does not mean that you cannot dress up the vertical planes of your space! An easy way to solve this is to add a bookshelf at the wall which you wish to give attention to. A bookshelf can come in really handy as it can serve the dual function of both storage and display. Add storage baskets or containers and place them in the shelves to store diapers, powder, towels, etc. Then dress up the other shelves with decorative items that you have collected, photo frames and more. Easy!

Another way to add a vertical element in the space is to add a tall floor lamp which can also function as the night light for your baby or for you to see when you nurse the baby at night.


Do More With Less

Should you find that there is already too much at hand for you to handle and all you want is a quick fix, think minimal addition of decor. So all you need to freshen things up? A rug that can deliver an impressive design punch and adopt a #shelfie with the barest styling done up. Trust us, there will be a whole lot of adorable things for you to put up on the shelves after your bundle of joy is in your arms.