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Renters Edition: Styling Your Display Shelf

If you are renting a room or an apartment while you are staying here in Singapore, chances are that your landlord has a list of things that you should avoid doing while you decorate your living spaces. One that is noteworthy will be the rather common rule of not drilling or doing anything major to the walls, which at times may include drilling or nailing to hang artworks, tiling or installing wallpaper. It may seem rather unfair especially when styling the house and room is a way to feel like a home to you, on top of the fact that you can make good use of the vertical height for storage by getting shelves or cabinet installed.

However, there are ways and means that you can bend that rule and spruce up your rented space. How? Well, a standing bookshelf or display shelf, that’s how!

If you like the idea and would like to know how you can style your shelf like an interior stylist, we have got some easy tips and tricks that can help you achieve that without breaking into a sweat. Read on!


Trinket Boxes To Keep Clutter At Bay

First and foremost, you probably would not want to have your shelf looking like you have all the things in the world placed right there as if you are having a sale of items. Minimising unwanted clutter at sight is key to help create the look of a curated display shelf. Hence, if you have small knick-knacks that you like to place on the shelf, pop them all in pretty trinket boxes that can complement your shelf displays. Things like lighter, keys, keychains and bookmarks are some examples of the bibs and bobs to pop in.


Trays For Stylish Clusters

If the trinkets are items that you will like to display, group them together with a tray and add in a lovely reed diffuser to the grouping. Not only are you providing the items a platform to get more attention, but you are also adding interesting elements to your shelf display. Plus, the reed diffuser can give your space a lovely scent that you can enjoy too.

Also, remember that what you want to achieve is to have a collection of items that showcases a series of different heights and visual tactility. Keep the goal in mind to add texture and not to overcrowd the tray with objects too. It can be rather tempting to put everything nice on a tray for sure, so if one tray does not work for you, try adding another. Simply allocate them at different spots of your shelf that is aesthetically pleasing to you.


Art Work Or Wall Mirror For Emphasis

The reason probably why you are reading this article in the first place. A clever solution to place artwork or mirror that you adore, without causing damage to the walls. There are several ways to go around this. If your artwork can fit in between the shelves like tabletop photo frames, you can try placing the behind decorative pieces or a series of smaller frames to act as a backdrop.

If your shelf is at bar table height, try leaning the large artwork or mirror against the wall. Then layer the front with some of your favourite decorative items. Easy!

If you do not have any artwork at hand but have some beautiful wrapping paper that can cover the backing of the shelf, make a gorgeous backdrop for your items by lining them at the back of the shelf!


Pop In Some Books

Whether you have a large book collection or have a series of hardcover books that you need to find space for, use them to our benefit right here. Have a few of the books standing and some laying flat and act as a platform to elevate some decorative pieces that you have for your display. If it is a bookshelf that you are sprucing up, all the more you should give this trick a go to prevent your shelf looking like one that was awkwardly plucked out of a public library shelf unit.


Plants Are Life

After you are done with the placing of things and moving things around, take a step back and see if the display shelf looks well-balanced visually, without one side looking more filled than the other. If it is, try adding a tabletop plant ( real or faux, you decide!) and take a look again. Swap things around till you are happy with how it looks.

Adding plants to your display shelf is pretty much like applying mascara to your lashes for a make-up look or adding garnish to your dish. They can give your display shelf a fuller look without looking cold and boring, so never skip them! Faux plants are easily available and really affordable these days, so save the day with them should the maintenance of live plans be too much for you to bear.