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Renters Edition: Working A Tiny Kitchen

If you are an avid home cook or cooking in the communal kitchen at the rented apartment in Singapore, we understand how you feel when it comes to a small kitchen space. It can be a challenging game for some to avoid bumping into things, knock things over or drop stuff in the fast cooking game that is going on. On top of that, storage of items or the dream of possessing every tool and equipment ever created for a kitchen worthy of a MasterChef competition may have to be reduced to what is actually truly required for your preferred style of cuisine and the method of cooking.

With that said, that does not mean that you are unable to take a leaf out of the Japanese kitchen design book and have your kitchen be made efficient for its functions. In fact, some space planning and clever tricks can help you make better use of the kitchen without compromising on your cooking sessions. Read on to find out what they are!


For The Ones Who Rented An Apartment

Built-In Top & Bottom Cabinets

You have chosen your preferred housing location and option, successfully obtained your rental spot and get to do up the kitchen? Great! Try to ensure that you get the built-in top and bottom cabinets done up the best possible way to make full use of the space. Give it another boost by having your top cabinets reach the ceiling instead of stopping midway. As for whether you should go for closed cabinets or Pinterest worthy open shelves, we say go for a mix of both! Closed Cabinets would be the best to hide unwanted clutter from sight (and a lot easier for cleaning up), but leave some area of the top cabinet open so that you can have the frequently used items be visible and of easy access when you cook. The lesser the opening and closing to reach for your pots, pans and ingredients, the lesser the chances of allowing clumsiness to leave you a mark. Plus, getting a knock on the head on the top cabinet door is never pleasant.

Double Duty For Backsplash

If you do not get a say in how the layout of the kitchen is designed in terms of carpentry and you need more storage space, this may be a wonderful solution for you. Install heavy duty bar handles on your backsplash and toss on some S hooks to increase storage space. You can use this to hold pots of herbs, your usual condiments in a wire basket, tea towels or even your pots and pants if the bars could hold the weight. Alternatively, you can try installing a weatherproof pegboard that allows you to configure the layout of your kitchenware to suit your liking or cooking session. S-hooks on perforated metal mesh may do the trick too. Make sure they are made of quality stainless steel that is food safe, after all, it goes on the backsplash of your kitchen top.

Install Hook-On Handles & Bars

Before modifying the kitchen, check with your landlord if alright with the proposed changes and if it’s covered within the official rental agreement. If it’s not, try getting hook on bars or handles that you can attach to the cabinet doors or shelves. Not only do they create more efficient use of vertical space for storage, but they can also cater to your personal needs in the kitchen to a T. You can grab what you need from hardware stores and simply latch the bar or handles onto your door or shelves. Though they may not be the best to hold heavy pots and pans made of cast iron, you can use it to store many other items like saucepans, mugs with handles, tea towels and even S-hooks to hold wire baskets for your very own spice rack off the table top! Remember to colour coordinate your pieces to keep things looking neat and cohesive. This little customisation comes at a lower cost which is a bonus if you are budget conscious and saving up for your own home in this nation.


For The Ones Who Rented A Room

Get A Large Container Or Trolley

If you are renting a room and the kitchen is for everyone in the house to use, chances are that you would prefer to keep your personal items organised. Try placing them in a large container or if you happen to have a lot of items for the kitchen experience, something like a trolley would probably work really well for you. Just wheel in your portable kitchen cabinet like the plane trolley and start cooking. S hooks, cabinet door bars will be your best pals to load things up. As for food items that need refrigeration, place them in stackable plastic boxes with lids before you pop them into the fridge.

Over the Sink Cutting Board

Another thing that you would probably like to consider getting would be an over the sink cutting board. It can spare you extra countertop space for preparing ingredients or to place things atop. Nifty and ingenious, the cutting board do require some measurement for a better fit to the sink that you have. Surely you wouldn’t want to have everything falling into the skin when you give a strong hit to a raw root vegetable. There are some cutting board that comes with adjustable grips, perhaps you would like to give them a go!