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Should You Apply for Singapore PR Yourself?

The process for attaining Singapore permanent residence status in Singapore is a grounded in a formal application process, followed by a defined procedure for the assessment of those requirements by the authorities. While there is a lot of information available to guide applicants through the process, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is getting professional help worth it?


Raising The Bar

Since 2008-2009, the government of Singapore has drastically cut down on the number of PR applicants accepted in the country. The reason has nothing to do with the government’s active desire to reduce the number of PR applications in Singapore. But rather, it was sparked by the realization that the existing process back then was being abused.

Applicants who were granted Singapore PR status would not stay in the country. Instead, they would take all the benefits that they were entitled to, but not really contribute to society.  As a result, from a high-point of 79,000, the number of Singapore PR approval dropped drastically.

With that reduction in the number of PR’s, came another aspect of the “quantity versus quality” challenge. Since lesser number of PR statuses are now being granted, the bar for approving such applications is higher. In other words, there is greater competition now, among would-be PR status seekers from all over the world, to get counted among the reduced number of successful applicants.


Gaining A Competitive Edge

Intending PR applicants must now think very carefully about how they can gain a competitive advantage, over the thousands of other applicants. There are a number of factors that might work against you, including:

  • Your skills and professional background.
  • Your income and earning power.
  • Your family ties (or lack thereof) to Singapore.
  • Your ability to demonstrate value to Singaporean society.

Some of these factors are uncontrollable. For instance, it is highly unlikely that you can (legally) show your income level to be much higher than it is. And even if you do (legally) demonstrate a higher earning power, who’s to say that there aren’t other applicants out there with greater income than yours? The answer is: You can’t guarantee that. And when it comes to assessing your application versus theirs, all other things being equal, they will likely win. Or will they?


The Professional Touch

Professional specialists like Immigration Solutions will tell you that what’s seemingly “apparent” is not always what’s taken into account. Using tips and tricks they have mastered over the years, they may be able to position your application in a better light than your competitors, even though you may not be in a higher income bracket.

We use Singapore PR application tips like:

  • Providing detailed information about your work experience, not simply your salary/income.
  • Demonstrating, in your application, the diverse skills and responsibilities you have discharged in your work life, not just your position titles.
  • Tying both those bits of detail into a snapshot to prove how you could play an even better role in Singapore’s future, compared to your competitor.


Avoid The Risks

Professional immigrant consultants do not break the rules. Instead, we use the rules to the advantage of their clients. In the above instance, a higher income earner than you may feel that simply indicating a salary figure will impress the application assessors. However, in reality, a professionally crafted application that positions your “value added” potential to Singapore will likely win the day.

When it comes to applying for permanent resident status in Singapore, “going it alone” might not be the best strategy. Not only are your chances of rejection higher (compared to a professionally advised and managed application), but the costs will be higher too, in terms of:

  • Forfeiture of your application fee.
  • Lost time in pursuing an unsuccessful application.
  • Depression and dejection that follows an unsuccessful application.

By contacting a professional consultant at Immigration Solutions, you can benefit from a 90 – 98% success rate that we have enjoyed over the years. So why would you risk it all by going it alone?