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Singapore: Digital Utopia For The Tech-Savvy

Singapore is at the forefront of an increasingly digital world, a technological leader as one of the most tech-savvy economies. From fast internet speeds to intensive cybersecurity laws and preventative measures, PR hopefuls can look forward to reaping the benefits of running a thriving business in a massively digital-ready entrepreneurial environment. Singapore citizens are also among the most tech-savvy in the world, making them both the ideal target audience as well as human resource. Read on to find out what makes Singapore the perfect place for the tech-savvy.


One Of The Fastest Broadband Speeds In The World

Ranked at the top with some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world, Singapore is heads and shoulders well above the majority in this regard. Surveys found that Singapore’s average download speed even recently increased by as much as 23% to impressive figures of approximately 181 Mbps, which is well over three times the worldwide average. In a way, our small size gives us a significant advantage in this regard since we are able to set up as well as maintain fibre broadband islandwide without incurring major costs.

Our competitive internet speeds, therefore, give local businesses a clear advantage in terms of efficiency and productivity over those that are based in most other countries. Businesses that are based in Singapore can thus enjoy an increase in long-term savings, freeing up budgets for expansion in other areas, especially compared to others around the world. Our internet speeds are so quick that it is no wonder why Singapore has also recently been rated the best at fostering a highly conducive and innovative digital business environment in the world.


Technologically Competent Workforce And Consumers

Singapore residents are also recently ranked among the best at competently utilising online services through the use of a wide array of electronic devices. In fact, digital technology is so pervasive in Singapore that most Singaporeans even own more than 4 electronic devices each. Surveys indicate that over 95% of the population have access to smartphones, with at least 25% spending over five hours per day on their mobile phones. A massive majority of Singapore citizens are so technologically savvy that surveys found that even senior citizens are competent in this regard. Recent figures saw an increase of at least 11% of senior citizens, ranging from the ages of 50 to 60, who are able to comfortably use computers in their everyday life. In addition, our country saw an increase in internet usage rates by senior citizens of at least 15%.

Technological competence is so advanced in Singapore that a recent survey indicated that we are also among the savviest in handling tech support scams. Compared to the rest of the world, Singapore consumers are less likely to be scammed into surrendering personal information or control of our electronic devices. This highlights our continued ability to keep up with rapid changes in the technological arena, as well as our lack of complacency in such matters. This makes Singaporeans not only the ideal target audience but also highly competitive as a workforce and partners in business.


Prioritisation Of Investment In Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is also of the utmost importance here, with Singapore ranking among the top as one of the most highly prepared countries in the world in such matters. The government has even recently established a national agency, known as the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, to ensure that Singapore maintains secure in today’s digital age. The CSA is specifically tasked with the regulation of all matters that pertain to cybersecurity across the nation. Managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), the CSA is also responsible for raising awareness among the general populace of the importance of cybersecurity. One of these initiatives includes numerous public security programmes that are held nationwide. The agency has even aptly taken to online advertisements to ensure that Singaporeans are constantly kept abreast of all changes in cybersecurity.

Such continued efforts to educate more Singaporeans in this regard are precisely the reason why our country is consistently at the top of surveys related to network preparedness. Singaporeans demand only the best from the government, and this includes matters concerning cybersecurity. In response, the government has recently enacted new laws that aim to protect all computer systems from cyberattacks. This includes the recent Cybersecurity Bill that was passed in 2018 to increase the protection of such systems, especially those that contain sensitive information, against malicious cyberattacks. As a country that is known for maintaining law and order through a combination of deterrence and enforcement, these moves make it clear that the government is more than willing to ramp up efforts to improve cybersecurity. These efforts are precisely what the reason why surveys consistently keep Singapore a nation that fosters a business-friendly environment for the foreseeable future.

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