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Singapore PR Is The Art of Winning

Whether to emigrate or not to emigrate? That is the question that many a would-be migrant has on their minds when they first start thinking about changing the future prospects – both for themselves and for their families. And for most, the first question is where to go? And then the most challenging of questions: How to get there?


A Choice of Destinations

With turmoil, economically and politically, currently manifesting itself in so many parts of the globe, immigrants look carefully for a place to call their new home. Ideally, they’d like to become Permanent Residents (PR) in a country that:

  • Has a responsible and stable government.
  • Has an excellent economic and political climate.
  • Offers great future prospects for them and their families.
  • And whose government and people are welcoming of new immigrants.

Elements like employability and economic prospects factor high when making major decisions like immigration. And that’s when future PR’s look at the destination country’s GDP and Unemployment rates, and compare them with other potential destinations. These, and many other factors, are then compared side-by-side, so that an informed decision is made.

No other country fits that bill more perfectly than the island-nation of Singapore, one of Southeast Asia’s most prosperous countries. And when you add to the mix gorgeous weather, great opportunities for jobs, an excellent schooling system for young and adult children, and an enviable social structure; to many, that makes the choice of a destination to migrate to simple and clear cut. It has to be Singapore!


Being Aware of the Challenges

Because Singapore is so prosperous, and their residents enjoy a high standard of living, the government is very eager to keep things that way. That’s why the Singapore PR application process has been structured deliberately to ensure that only the most qualified of applicants are granted PR status:

  • Individuals unaware of all the requirements could easily make mistakes in filling out the applications.
  • Incomplete and erroneous applications take more time to process.
  • Errors and omissions, mostly unintended, have devastating consequences: The applications are rejected.
  • Applicants are not allowed to re-apply until they are eligible once again – usually not for another year or more.

As a result, many an individual spends an inordinate amount of time, and lots of money, trying repeatedly to get their PR status approved. With each passing rejection, they become increasingly depressed and frustrated.

But wait… There is a better way.


Making the Decision

Immigration Solutions has helped thousands of individuals and families make the tough decision of how to become PR’s in Singapore.  To the un-informed, it would appear that the only path to getting Permanent Residence is to get a work visa first, then spend several years working here before applying. But that’s just one way to go about it.

In addition to the PR scheme for work visa holders, the government of Singapore offers many lesser known, but equally effective, PR schemes, including for Investors and Artistic Talent. However, to those who are not well versed with the intricate details of these Schemes, applying under the wrong Scheme might deliver unintended consequences.

With many years of experience on their side, professional immigration consultants at Immigration Solutions know everything there is about the path to Permanent Residence. And because they are so well versed with the law, and the process, their advice proves invaluable to clients struggling to make the decision on how to become PR.


Taking the First Step

Whether you are a resident citizen of a foreign country, an expatriate currently residing in Singapore, or an overseas worker, contacting an immigration professional is the first step to ascertain which path you should choose for best results. Remember, the PR process costs money, and can be time consuming if you don’t know what to do. You can save yourself both by seeking professional advice.