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Singaporean Skin Care Brands Your Beauty Drawer Needs

Hit your nearest Sephora store and you will be bombarded with an exponential number of booths with the latest offerings from various international skincare brands. Products by popular brands in the commercial beauty market such as First Aid Beauty, Origins, Philosophy and Shiseido line almost every beauty store in Singapore. If you are a lover of all things skin care, your drawers are probably stashed with various products from these brands as well.

While we do love these international beauty brands, they do not always create products that are well-suited for the hot and humid weather of our tropical island. Sure, a hydrating moisturiser from one of these brands might work wonders for someone living in the summer heat of the United States without weighing their skin down, but the same moisturiser will just be melting off our faces for those of us who are exposed to Singapore’s sunny weather on a daily basis.


3 Singaporean Skin Care Brands To Know

While we do love the international beauty brands available here, sometimes their products are just not cut out for the ultra-sunny weather in Singapore as well as its high level of humidity. And whether you have lived in Singapore all your life or are considering to migrate here, the best thing you can do for your skin is to check out the offerings from our very own local beauty brands. As they say, it takes one to know one. Here are some of the local brands that are making waves in the beauty industry in Singapore and beyond:

ANIA Skincare

If your skin care philosophy is natural, minimal and fuss-free, ANIA Skincare is a must to add to your beauty drawer. Founded by Fern Lee and her partner, Moroccan-born Mehdi Elaichouni, ANIA Skincare is all about minimising your skin care routine to the bare essentials with as minimal ingredients as possible. (So long, 10-Step Korean skin care routine!) The inspiration behind the products of ANIA Skincare stemmed from Elaichouni’s childhood days in Morocco, where he spent a significant amount of time at the public hammam owned by his grandmother. During his time there, he witnessed the hammam’s elderly female visitors being pampered with beauty routines consisting of simple and traditional ingredients that stood the test of time. One of these ingredients Morocco is well-known for is argan oil, which also happens to be ANIA’s best-selling moisturiser. (Yes, their moisturiser only contains one ingredient, pure argan oil.) This multi-purpose oil is effective for those of us with dry skin — a common problem faced in the Singapore heat — as it is highly moisturising. Plus, the use of argan oil is not only limited to your skin, but also your hair and nails. Another plus point for supporting this local minimalist skin care brand? It is cruelty-free, which means you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed during any part of the manufacturing process.


With the countless amounts of packaging and new products frequently being introduced into the market, let’s just say that the beauty industry is not the best at taking care of the environment. So, when we find a beauty brand that not only takes a minimalist approach to their skin care, but also their environmental impact by ensuring they minimise their wastage as much as possible in their manufacturing process, that brand is automatically in our beauty radar. And when that brand is local? It is definitely a keeper. We are talking about none other than Alcheme, the skin care brand conceived by Constance Mandefield and Tuyen Lamy. The duo brought their expertise from their years in working for French beauty brand, Clarins, and started Alcheme in 2017 in response to the increasingly adverse effects of environmental pollutants on our skin. What sets Alcheme apart from the rest of the clean beauty brands out there, however, is their emphasis on producing customisable products specific to their individual customer’s needs. Customers are able to receive analysis on their skin issues through online consultation, after which Alcheme will create a personalised product specially for the individual. Therefore, this lessens your worry of using a skin care product that might react negatively with your skin — Alcheme will formulate your personalised product with the right ingredients suitable just for you.


Although the number of organic beauty brands is gradually increasing in the international beauty market, it can still be hard for organic beauty lovers in Singapore to get their hands on these brands. However, fortunately for us, we do not have to look any further than our shores for an effective organic skin care brand when we have FrankSkincare in our midst. Cissy Chen, founder of FrankSkincare, began creating her own line of products as a solution to the lack of choices for her personal skin care stash. Just like ANIA Skincare and Alcheme, Chen emphasises on the quality of ingredients in her skin care range, formulating products with purely organic ingredients. Whatever your skin concerns are, FrankSkincare has a product to help you banish them through a natural process, without the use of harsh or unnecessary ingredients such as alcohol. If you have oily skin and acne issues, try the Smooth-Me-Out Acne Spot Treatment Oil. FrankSkincare even has something to offer for all you pregnant ladies out there, with its Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil.