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Singapore’s Best-Kept Food Secrets: Part 1

Singapore is a city that is made up of stories and unique identities. Known to welcome different cultures with open arms, newcomers can rest assured that within this little city, everyone is certainly welcome. Thus, this transforms Singapore into a melting pot of diverse cultures that have a lot to bring to the table in terms of arts and food – with the latter being more renowned. The spicy chilli crab, the fragrant Hainanese chicken rice, and the tantalising laksa are just some of the iconic food that many have come to know and love. Singaporeans like to think of their sunny metropolis as a food heaven where there are various hidden food gems tucked away in each district of the island, which is completely true. To help you navigate through the food scene in Singapore, here are 5 delicious spots that you would definitely want to check out.


Ke Kou Mian

There is good food everywhere in Singapore and the West, although home to industrial buildings and operating facilities, is no exception to that. That said, allow us to introduce you to Bukit Panjang’s best-kept secret – Ke Kou Mian. Located at 163 Gangsa Road, this highly raved stall is just a 3-minute walk from the Bukit Panjang MRT station. With its affordable prices and late operating hours (4AM-2PM daily, closed on Thursdays), Ke Kou Mian is the perfect supper destination for midnight owls who are looking for a chill spot that serves comfort food. Do not be fooled as it is not just your typical bowl of instant noodles. Featuring an absolutely delightful pork broth that is carefully simmered for over 10 hours, it also includes unsparing portions of pork slices, minced pork, crispy shallots, vegetables, Koka instant noodles, and egg for a truly satisfying experience that will leave you wanting more.


Foong Kee Coffee Shop

This place is always busy, and for good reason: it offers a no-frills, homey vibe with delicious food. With its snaking long queues especially during lunch hours, Foong Kee Coffee Shop is the place to go if you are craving for some Chinese roast meat. Although it may seem unassuming at first glance, you will find out why this place is such a favourite among locals after taking a bite out of their famous crispy roast pork. On top of that, every single bite packs a flavourful punch with its aromatic marination and a perfect ratio of fat to lean pork meat. Situated in between Outram Park and Tanjong Pagar MRT stations, Foong Kee has made a name for itself over the years and certainly lives up to the hype – just ask anyone who has ever visited this humble coffee shop!


Sinpopo Brand

The brainchild of the owners of local dessert business Awfully Chocolate, Sinpopo Brand is a unique café tucked away in the traditional shophouses of Joo Chiat Road. Born out of the love and an innate desire to bring the nostalgia back into the streets of Katong, Sinpopo is where the magic happens. Be prepared to be transported back into the golden age of Singapore when you step into this cosy cafe. With its vintage ambience and an eclectic menu of mouth-watering local favourites with a modern twist, you will find out what makes Sinpopo so lovable when you pay them a visit. For starters, try out their deliciously crisp luncheon chips, gula Melaka-infused doughnuts, and special Teh Tarik. So, the next time you wrack your brain on where to take your date out or the next hangout spot with your friends and family, do not be afraid to give Sinpopo a try!


The Bedok Marketplace

Not your ordinary hawker centre, the Bedok Marketplace serves up a delectable array of restaurant-quality food that ranges from Western to Asian that is affordably priced. Foie Gras, pizza, pasta, sashimi, beef bowls – these are just some of the delicious dishes that you will expect to see when you are there. Nestled within the residential estates of Simpang Bedok, this all-encompassing hawker centre prides itself in providing high-quality food that definitely lives up to their name. New to this place? Be sure to check out The Burning Oak for divine Japanese char grill dishes or The Naughty Chef where you could get some savoury Italian sides.


Pete’s Place

Pete’s Place has been around since the ’70s, but in the intervening years, it still has yet to lose its appeal. One of Singapore’s oldest and most nostalgic restaurants, this mid-range dining establishment serves authentic Italian food in a warm, rustic abode within the Grand Hyatt hotel. With an appetising selection of Italian bread, soups, pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and desserts, you are in for a treat at Pete’s Place as they simply do not disappoint. Give their carbonara or truffle cream roasted chicken and mushroom pizza a try for the ultimate gastronomic experience.