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Singapore’s Best-Kept Food Secrets: Part 2

Marina Bay, the Merlion, the gardens, the parks, and the hawker centres – these are all part of the charm of Singapore’s concrete jungle. Singapore is simply a place of endless possibilities. It is Asia’s mecca for arts and design. And it is also one of the greatest places to eat in Asia. Given that this urban landscape of towering skyscrapers and unique trees plays host to a vibrant dining scene, allow yourself to be immersed in an ultimate culinary journey that is bound to surprise your tastebuds.

For a quintessentially local way of dining, start your morning with some Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs with a piping hot cup of Teh or Kopi from your neighbourhood’s coffee shop, then venture to Maxwell for a relaxing lunch of delicious chicken rice. Taste through the local specialities at Old Airport Road or try some fantastic beancurd at Selegie before saving room. For dinner, there’s Bak Kut Teh, Laksa, Roti Prata, Nasi Lemak, Dimsum – all of which are exemplary ideas for supper in Singapore if you still have any room for more. To guide you through the city’s vast food scene, we have collated another 5 sensational food spots that you definitely need to try out, in addition to the previous part one of this series.


Hainanese Delicacy

Tucked away in the row of shops on the 5th floor of Far East Plaza shopping centre, this otherwise-inconspicuous eatery serves one of the best Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore. Locating them is pretty easy during peak dining hours – just look for the one with a snaking long queue and a delicious aroma wafting through the air. Established since 1986, Hainanese Delicacy’s speciality is their steamed chicken rice, although they do also provide the roasted chicken option, which is flavourful and worth every single cent. Priced from approximately $4, the food here is certainly wallet-friendly and it is the ideal place to go to whenever you are looking for a cheap yet fulfilling meal along the exorbitant shopping belt of Orchard road.


Janggut Laksa Queensway

Queensway Shopping Centre is not only the destination where locals flock to get the latest sports gear and shoes, but it is also home to one of the best laksa and curry chicken in Singapore. The star of the show at Janggut Laksa Queensway is, however, not their laksa or curry chicken, but the chicken cutlet rice with yummy curry drizzled all over it. Remember to request for oiled chicken rice instead of white rice while making your order, and this life-changing plate of delectable goodness will be your go-to order whenever you make your way to Redhill. To get there, hop on bus 195 from Queenstown MRT station and alight 3 stops later. Look for the place with orange tables and a big yellow signboard at the ground floor of the mall and voila!


Thai Tantric

Despite its unassuming atmosphere and unfortunate location within the seedy Orchard Towers, Thai Tantric serves up authentic and high-quality Thai dishes that are priced reasonably. Packed during peak dining hours, especially during dinner time, be prepared to wait up to 30 to 45 minutes for a table. But, we promise you – it is truly worth the wait. Their signature dishes will have to be their unparalleled green curry chicken and Thai omelette. Always rich and scrumptious, with generous portions of chicken, every visit to Thai Tantric will be guaranteed a delightful one. With an extensive menu to boot, there are more than 40 dishes, all affordably priced between $8 to $16, that will definitely let you be spoilt for choice.


ENAQ Prata

If you are a fan of crispy Roti Prata, then you should really try out ENAQ Prata. With 2 locations within the Western part of Singapore – Ghim Moh and Jurong East – their Roti Prata pack a flavourful punch with a fluffy yet utterly crispy texture that will keep you coming back for more. ENAQ also serves Maggie Goreng, Thosai, Murtabak, Biryani, and so much more mouth-watering dishes that are, too, worth the try. If you are a sucker for ultra crispy Prata with flavoursome curry or just an authentic Singaporean Indian meal, then you will love what they have to bring to the table.


White Restaurant

Launched in 1998, White Restaurant has created an iconic Singaporean dish that many locals have come to know and love. Today, they have 5 outlets across the island, but the original outlet in Sembawang is still the preferred destination to go to during dinner. Their signature dishes, white Beehoon and salted egg Sotong, are the best-selling choices that you have to order when you pay them a visit. It is definitely hard to resist the light, springy Beehoon, which comes covered in a light yet savoury sauce that complements the other ingredients of the dish so well. That said, you will find out what makes this place a favourite among Singaporeans when you take that first bite.