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Soak in the Fun at These Water Parks: Part 1

If you are living in this nation and are looking to spend some splashing fun time with the junior, you should consider these water parks to soak in a weekend of fun! Depending on your kid’s interests and preferences, there is a diverse range of water parks in Singapore for you to check out.


Palawan Pirate Ship

Nowadays, you do not have to fly to Neverland to catch a pirate in a ship. Simply head over to Sentosa armed with an extra pair of clothing for your little ones and say “Ahoy!” to the colossal Palawan Pirate Ship on the shores of Palawan Beach for the entire family to enjoy. Formerly known as the Port of Lost Wonder, this enormous pirate ship is the central attraction for a pirate-themed water playground that sends your kids splashing into the water, gushing into fountains and whirling down slippery slides. Not to mention, the rocking pirate-head that frequently splashes down a bucket load of water (no pun intended) will have everyone on their toes!

The Palawan Pirate Ship outdoor water play area is designed for children three years old and above. Everyone, including parents, must be in swimwear to enjoy the facilities within the water play area. Bear in mind that only kids are allowed on the ship, its slides and other equipment. No adults are allowed to ride on or play with any of the water equipment for safety reasons as those are designed only for the children in mind.

What if it rains, some of you may ask? Fret not, as there are rest shelters near the water play area, along with other facilities such as lockers, nursing rooms as well as shower cubicles. Similar to Splash @ Kidz Amaze, it is possible to hold parties and birthday celebrations at the Palawan Pirate Ship water playground through the two party packages that are currently offered by Sentosa which include an energetic party host, themed décor of your choice, yummy food, fun-filled games and your very own personalised invitation cards.


Splash @ Kidz Amaze

If you have kids who simply refuse to get out of the shower just so that they can have a longer time with their own water play or love participating in various water activities, then Splash @ Kidz Amaze is the place for them. Located within the newly built SAFRA Punggol complex which offers other services such as the Energy One gym, a string of sumptuous restaurants, a spa getaway and a string of enrichment centres, this awesome indoor water park is catered specifically for kids to have hours of fun in the water. Splash @ Kidz Amaze is a sister facility to the other SAFRA Kidz Amaze play facilities, such as the expansive indoor playground at SAFRA Jurong as well as the capacious one at SAFRA Toa Payoh.

Additionally, Splash @ Kidz Amaze boasts the distinction of being sheltered. Yes, this indoor water park has a roof over its head, which means that your kids will get to enjoy it regardless of the weather. Splash @ Kidz Amaze is split into two sections — the first being a shallow area for toddlers and the other catered for the older and more adventurous ones. If your child is two years old or below, you can take them to the spacious low-element zone and let them have some fun with the gentle-spraying guns as well as the plethora of sea animal structures that squirt, spray and splash water in different directions. If your toddler needs a break from the water, just waddle with them to the sides of the toddler play area where there is a screen with augmented reality features designed for your kids to interact with the sea animals by touching or poking the screen.

For the older ones who love some rough and tumble, they are sure going to love the mega play tower that comes complete with five slides, eight play decks and gigantic themed splash pad. The slithering tube-slides look thoroughly fun and exciting, and there are also short mini slides for your little ones who might be intimidated by the big, giant slides. Oh, and look out for that oversized bucket that can tip over at any time to send your kids squealing and screaming with delight!

Splash @ Kidz Amaze is also equipped with three themed party rooms — pirate, penguins and marine life. It is perfect for birthday parties and celebrations that promises you and your entire family some swashbuckling fun!


Wild Wild Wet

The big daddy of all water parks in Singapore after the now-defunct Big Splash, Wild Wild Wet offers a plethora of attractions and rides that are sure to appeal to the young and old. Located at Downtown East in the heart of Pasir Ris, this water park boasts child-friendly play areas, equipment and slides all around the water park. The more audacious ones can look forward to taking on their 360-degree loops and exhilarating body slides. Wild Wild Wet also has a lazy river where all you need to do is lie on a float and let the current drift you around the entire water park. It is no wonder that families can spend a countless number of hours splashing around the Wild Wild Wet water park under the weekend sun with so much fun!