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Sports Clubs For The Athletic Singapore Expat

Have you just entered this country as a foreigner and are looking for ways to meet new people during your stay here? Being an expatriate in a new country can be difficult, but lucky for you, you’ve moved to a small island that can easily be navigated. And if you know where to look, it’s totally easy to build and expand on your social circle in this little red dot. For instance, you can join the various social clubs and associations available here, or if you’re looking to get active with a community of like-minded people, how about joining a sports club?


The Expat Guide To Sports Clubs

Singapore might be a small country, but there is an abundance of sports clubs available on this island. Here are some clubs you can check out during your time here in the Lion City:


If you’ve lived in Singapore long enough, we’re sure you’ve seen groups of cyclists lining the roads alongside the other motorists driving by. This can seem dangerous, especially during heavy traffic conditions, which is why many cycling clubs here start their sessions early in the morning. Plus, early morning cycling sessions mean you get to avoid the hot midday sun that plagues this tropical country daily. If you’re keen to meet like-minded people who love to ride the pedals as much as you do and explore new cycling trails with them, check out JoyRiders, a recreational cycling community right here in Singapore. The JoyRiders group consists of people from all over the island united by one passion — cycling. The group’s emphasis on meeting new people and looking out for each other while cycling makes JoyRiders the perfect welcoming party to start your cycling journey in Singapore.


There are a total of 22 golf courses located around the island, which means you’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re hankering for a round of golf. Whether you’re totally new to the sport or an experienced golfer, there is definitely a golf course available for you to get yourself in the swing of things (see what we did there?) If you want to have a round of golf with a view, no other place beats Marina Bay Golf Course. With an 18-hole course completed with a breathtaking view of the Singapore skyline, Marina Bay Golf Course will definitely leave your golf cravings satisfied. For those who live in the West of Singapore, check out Warren Golf & Country Club. Filled with lush greenery as well as calm lakes, this golf club has an 18-hole course that both members and visitors can play at. It even has a golf programme catered to the little ones, making Warren Golf & Country Club the perfect place to bring your junior to.


Football fever dominates the rest of the world, just as it does Singapore. If you are looking for some competitive play, give ESPZEN a go. It offers different types of matches including 11-aside leagues as well as futsal leagues, which are open to players of all levels. There are even junior leagues for your football-loving little ones too. If your junior has a passion for football and wishes to pursue his love for the sport, you can also enrol them in ESPZEN’s soccer academy. If you’re up for something more serious and would like to try your hand at a pro-football, check out the Singapore Premier League (S.League) website. You’ll be able to get information on its weekly matches as well as contact them about their upcoming trials.


Not the most popular sport in this little red dot, you’d be surprised at the active rugby community here. If you’re looking for a club that caters to both you and your little ones, look no further than Tanglin Rugby Club (TRC). Founded in 2005, TRC is a non-profit rugby club in Singapore run by the club’s member volunteers. TRC holds training sessions for both boys and girls, and they cater to both the sport of rugby as well as touch rugby. While the club’s training sessions are mainly for kids, it also holds touch rugby training sessions for parents every Sunday morning. Another club to check out if you wish to participate in local and regional competitions is Bucks RFC. Having been around for 50 years, Bucks RFC has developed into a premier sports club that includes not only rugby, but also touch rugby and netball.


Whether you love field hockey or ice hockey, you’ll have no trouble finding a local club to play in. However, field hockey is undeniably the more popular sport in Singapore. A field hockey club to check out is the Tornados Hockey Club, which comprises of diverse members from all over the world. It has teams catered to both men and women — four teams for the former and two for the latter — and holds both local and international hockey tours. For ice hockey, check out the Singapore Ice Hockey Association, which has programmes for both children and adults. If you’re not keen on participating in the actual sport just yet, you can even volunteer your time towards helping the association in other departmental areas including marketing and communications as well as operations.