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Sweatproof Makeup Tips to Beat the Heat

Every makeup aficionado knows that the methods of applying makeup do not always remain the same every single day. Sure, you might have a basic makeup routine down, but there are sometimes tweaks and additions to be made to your routine, depending on various factors such as the weather, the condition your skin is currently in, and how much you will be on the go throughout the day.

Take the weather, for instance. Colder days might require you to add more moisture to your skin to prevent it from getting too dry. When the sun is out, however, it is all about making sure your makeup stays on for as long as possible despite the heat and perspiration. If you live here, you know what we’re talking about.


4 Tips to Sweatproof Your Makeup

Ensuring your makeup lasts throughout the day is important if you will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun. Without the right products, your makeup will end up wearing off before your day even ends, leaving your skin looking patchy and uneven.

But, fret not. Just because the heat is bearing down does not mean you have to resign to your makeup betraying your skin or go about your day sans makeup (unless you want to, of course). All it takes is knowing what kinds of products you should and should not use on your skin to help increase the lasting power of your makeup as well as allow you to look and stay cool amidst the heat. Here are tips on how to help strengthen and sweatproof your makeup on sunny days:

Do Not Skip Primer

A strong first line of defence is essential to ensure your makeup lasts throughout the constant heat and humidity of the day. Therefore, before you apply any part of your base makeup, put on a layer of primer so your makeup has something to cling on to. If you plan to wear eyeshadow, go ahead and prime your eyelids too. Oily lids love to come out and play the minute they feel the heat of the sun, so a primer is important to prevent your eyeshadow from slipping and sliding all over the place.

Choose a Long-Wear Foundation

Generally, we would recommend not applying a full face of foundation when you are constantly being exposed to the sun. It is not only uncomfortable but also a lost cause when it will be melting off your face in minutes. However, if you wish to wear full-on foundation, opt for a long-wearing one that will refuse to budge despite your perspiring face. The downside to long-wear foundations, though, is their thicker formula that can make them hard to apply. If you find this is the case, one tip is to be quick with your application by putting on your foundation before your moisturiser has completely sunk into the skin. The dewiness of your skin will help the foundation blend into your skin more seamlessly without you having to pull and tug on your face needlessly. Another trick is to mix a small dollop of moisturiser with your foundation on your hand. This will thin out the texture of the foundation and gives it a bit more slip for easier application.

Go Light with Your Base

If you have relatively clear skin or you are not concerned with covering up every single imperfection on your face, we recommend skipping foundation entirely and go with a lightweight base instead. You can opt for a tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream, or just concealer. See what your skin needs the most to help you decide which product to go for. If you have some redness to cover, go for a CC cream that will help to colour correct and neutralise the redness. If you do not have any redness to cover and simply wish to even out your skin tone without using a heavy foundation, a tinted moisturiser or BB cream will do the trick. If you only have a few spots on your face you wish to cover, dab on a bit of concealer on those areas and blend it out (just make sure to choose a concealer shade that closely matches your skin).

Skip Powder

Oily skin gals might recoil in horror at the thought of not putting on powder, but trust us, powder, heat and humidity do not make a good combination. After a long day in the blistering heat coupled with the inevitable perspiration, powders on your face will end up looking cakey. They can also exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles, making you look older. If you tend to use a powder foundation to keep the grease at bay, try using a mattifying cream foundation instead. If you really have to powder, keep it concentrated on the oiliest areas of your face such as your T-zone. Do a really light dusting using a big and fluffy powder brush to prevent you from applying too much powder.