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Thais Visiting Singapore Can Be Cleared Faster Now

From 24 September 2018 onwards, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced that Thai passport holders, from 6 years old and above, who have visited Singapore at least twice in the past two years, can apply to use Singapore automated clearance machine.

This is also known as the Frequent Traveller Programme. The enhanced immigration automated clearance system or eIACS allows eligible tourists to clear the immigration gates at a more convenient and faster manner.

There will be the same facilities offer in Thailand for eligible Singapore passport holders. The ICA mentioned, “The mutual extension of such automated immigration clearance facilities will boost trade, business and tourism links between both countries.”

The enrolment of this program is voluntary and free. If you are a Thai passport holder, you may apply for the Frequent Traveller Programme at the enrolment centres situated at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. If you do not wish to travel to the airport, you may also apply for programme at the visitor services centre at the ICA building, Woodlands Checkpoints or Tuas Checkpoints.

However, things would be much more simpler if you are already a Singapore permanent resident. The eIACS, or auto gates, can be used by any Singapore citizens, Singapore PR and long-term pass holders who are using eligible passports and whose fingerprints have been registered with the ICA. Immigration Solutions can help you with your Singapore PR application and increase your chances of success in your approval.