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The Golden Opportunity to Apply Singapore PR

In 2015, Singapore celebrated its Golden jubilee – 50 years of independence.  And what better opportunity than now, for aspiring immigrants and permanent residents to take a good hard look at the opportunities that Singapore offers for them.


The Defining Measure

Let’s pause for a moment and see what this tiny Island nation has to offer to would-be permanent residents. And what better way to do that than compare Singapore’s GDP to that of the Land Of Opportunity – the United States of America. According to Investopedia, this is a great comparison tool as it: “….is especially useful when comparing one country to another because it shows the relative performance of the countries.”

In fact, a country’s GDP is reflective of the opportunities for relative wealth and prosperity the country offers to its residents.  Clearly, over a 10-year period since 2004, Singapore has performed extremely well, giving its residents opportunities that would make citizens from many first-world countries turn green with envy.


The Defining Moment

There are few moments in life that define your, and that of your family’s, future, and making a decision to emigrate from your current homeland definitely ranks high on that list. The moment you take that decision, you immediately set in motion events that will change your lives forever. But clearly, you want that decision to end in success, and making a conscious decision to choose Singapore is just the first step in achieving that success.

The biggest critical success factor, in ensuring your defining moment is realized, is how to achieve Permanent Resident status in Singapore. And unless you have the Midas touch – that essentially turns everything you touch to gold – you are likely to need some help in seizing your moment.

Of late, the Government of Singapore has dramatically reduced the number of Permanent Residents it allows to enter the country. With a current population of around 5.4 million inhabitants, and a growth rate of just under 1% (0.82% as of Jan 1, 2015), the country still offers new comers exceptional opportunities for a new life. However:

  • The standards for applying to get PR status have now been raise.
  • The process for applying has been revamped.
  • The metrics for screening and approving applications for would-be-PR’s has been tightened.

While that may sound unfair to many intending PR applicants, if looked at in a different context, it can really be a blessing in disguise. What the above three points highlights is that Singapore now offers great opportunities for the best of the best. By becoming a PR, you (and your family) can join an elite group of citizens who will grow and thrive in one of the fastest progressing countries in the world today.


Making the Cut

Given that getting your Singapore PR application accepted is not as simple as simply applying, how can you ensure that you make the cut? Well, there is hope for everyone that goes about the application process correctly. And that’s where veteran Singapore immigration consultants like Immigration Solutions can help.

Like any sensitive and complicated process, such as applying for a passport, filing your income taxes or applying for a home loan, the Singapore PR process is replete with traps for the novice, and “all clear” signs for the veteran.  Unless you know exactly what you are doing when applying, and unless you are trained to see the “all clear” signs, you could very well be fighting a losing battle. Why? Because:

  • Firstly, an application filed incorrectly is bound to get rejected.
  • Secondly, once rejected, you’ll have to wait for a whole year to give it another shot.
  • And finally, each time you apply, you are not only spending time but money too.

To make sure you do this right the first time, your best bet would be to contact the professionals and let them navigate the complex PR process on your behalf. Your chances of making the cut will increase dramatically.