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The Perfect Choice for The “Big” Move

For many decades now, Australia has been a defacto choice for many would-be immigrants. People, looking for a bright future for themselves and their families, have flocked to the Island nation in droves. But things have certainly changed recently, and more and more people are now looking to yet another Island nation – Singapore – to make their dreams come true.


The Ultimate Dream Come True

For intending Permanent Residents (PR), nothing could be more inviting than the prospects of landing a decent job in their adopted homeland. Without good employment prospects, nothing else really matters, because you’ll never be able to make your dreams come true anyway. With unemployment rates high in many countries around the world, few countries offer better employment chances than Singapore.

The Republic of Singapore is situated 137 kilometers to the north of the Equator, and is a democratic Southeast Asian island city-state.  It offers its residents excellent opportunities for economic progress, while maintaining a comparatively high standard of living. When comparing their employment prospects, Permanent Residents will find that they have a much better chance of employment in Singapore (with its declining unemployment rate) than in Australia (with its increasing rate of unemployed residents).  Know more about Singapore PR application here.


The Many Perks of Being Singapore PR

While a nation like Singapore boasts of relatively low unemployment, it has much more to offer than simply great prospects for PR’s to seek and find employment.

  • As an English and Chinese-speaking country, residents from many other parts of the world will find it extremely easy to integrate.
  • As a nation of tolerant and friendly citizens, Singaporeans are ever ready to embrace people from other nations.
  • As a multicultural society, people from every part of the world will find Singapore easy to call home.

Then, there’s good health care, an efficient transportation system, affordable housing and excellent weather.  And when you add all of that up, Singapore makes the ideal choice for those intending to call a new country their home.


Navigating The PR Process

But just because Singaporeans are welcoming of all, it does not mean that it follows a totally “open door” policy. Singapore’s immigration policies are some of the toughest around, and intending Permanent Residents would do well to keep that in mind. In recent years, the country has slashed the quote of PR applicants that it allows into the country – and for good reason too. In order to maintain the high standard of living it offers its residents, Singapore has had to make some changes to its policies.

So what does that mean for people like you, who are planning to apply for PR status in Singapore, but are afraid to take that next step? Should you even try, or is it a waste of time? Do you even stand a chance of success?


Good News For Intending Singapore PR

The good news is that getting your Singapore PR application approved is possible – but only if you do it right. And that’s where professional immigration consultants like Immigration Solutions come in. Granted, that the PR process is rather complex, and that the government is very selective in approving applicants. But when handled correctly, your application is almost guaranteed to pass.

Prospective PR are vying against thousands of other applicants who are longing to make Singapore their new home. And the way the application process stands, only a select few will be granted PR status. But professionals with many years of handling such applications know the process inside-out, and can advise clients of the best way to assure success.

So if you are seriously considering applying for PR status in Singapore, why waste your time and money trying to steer through the PR maze all by yourself? Instead, contact the professionals who are most likely to help you navigate the Singapore PR process successfully. For your PR application needs in Singapore, feel free to contact us now.