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These Apps Make Finding Love In Singapore Possible

Moving to a new country alone can be exciting especially when you are single and ready to mingle. Something that we have to note is that the dating landscape looks entirely different now as compared to five years ago. We don’t see people chatting each other up on the street or gifting and receiving compliments to strangers and most of that can be attributed to advances in technology. Now with our heads mostly huddled and bent over our phones, we are no longer meeting people face to face as much, limiting our chances of finding love.

But that is not to say technology is all bad, through online dating on our smart devices, it allows us to open our doors to new opportunities. In a well-connected and digitally developed country that is Singapore, it has become much easier for us to meet new people that we might not have come across in our daily lives. The best thing about it is that there is nothing to lose, all you need to do is to download these online dating apps on your smartphone, set your profile and start looking away. If you are still having second thoughts, here are a few dating apps that you can look at to find your soulmate online.



Tinder ranks as the most popular online dating app there is right now and the term “swiping” that we regularly sprinkle into our conversation most probably comes from this dating app. If you want a higher odds at meeting your perfect match, you need to be where everyone else is on and that is tinder. How Tinder works is simple: you swipe to the left for a no and skip your thumb to the right if you like what you see. As compared to looking at a resume on LinkedIn, you are limited to a shorter profile on Tinder and that helps you put out only the essential information for your potential partner. In a sea of profiles on Tinder, you need to put out all the stops by making your profile stand out as much as possible.



Bumble is changing how women date and some might say that is bears some similarities to Tinder (it was created by the co-founder of Tinder)… with the exception of a timer and the unique point of giving women the upper hand. How Bumble works is by letting women make the first move and this weeds out the infinite number of undesirable chat requests in your inbox. If they like what they see in a profile, the ladies can send over a message and the guy has to respond back in 24 hours or wind up not knowing the many future possibilities he might have missed out on. This timer has been placed to encourage communication and if you are someone who goes on long periods of the day without checking your cell or one who procrastinates, this app might not be for you.


Coffee Meets Bagel

A relatively new app on the market is Coffee Meets Bagel and how it stands out is its goal of raising the quality of matches that you get each day. On Coffee Meets Bagel, you do not get an overwhelming selection of profiles to choose from and instead, you get a bunch of curated matches each day. From there, you can start by sending a little ice breaker as a first message and the profiles there are much more in-depth than what you would get on Tinder. This makes the dating process a little more intricate, allowing you to find out more about each person you are matching with and even seeing if you have any mutual friends on Facebook.



For those who enjoy a little mystery and fun, Blindfold is the dating app for you since it masks or blurs your profile picture. Especially for those who get a little shy when friends (or colleagues) find your dating profile, this app hides your face and keeps your dating habits and preferences on the down low. Since this app restricts what you see (literally), what you do on this dating app is more about uncovering and understanding one’s personality (much like a blind dating event). Each morning, you would get a few matches based on your profile and it offers you the opportunity to really know new people and discovering more about yourself in the process.


Lunch Actually

When the developers of Lunch Actually were brainstorming the app, chances are, they had dreams of an app that opposes the idea of casual flings. Why we say that is because of the intricate questionnaires that you have to fill up as part of building your personality on your profile. On the app, you get a mix of locals and expats who are serious in looking for a relationship and each day, you get invited to choose a profile from a list of suggestions to make the first move. This makes this app ideal for those who want to get to know someone as opposed to those who are looking to broaden their circle of potential dates in Singapore’s dating scene.