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Things to do Instead of Watching Netflix

After a long, hard day of work, there’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding in front of Netflix. Whether you are catching the new series that everyone at work is talking about or watching a fairly new film that’s a “Netflix Original”, the affordable, entertainment streaming service is thought to be the most popular streaming service in Singapore. However, it goes without saying that by consistently clocking in time for Netflix, you will be losing precious life experiences or even a chance to discover a new passion. Whether you have just moved to this new territory or someone who has been staying here for some time, here are a number of things you can do to replace your daily Netflix binge-watching.


Things to do in Singapore Instead of Watching Netflix

Take Up Yoga

There is a reason why yoga has gained a lot of traction throughout the years. First originating in India, Yoga is a series of mental, physical and spiritual practice that is comprised of breath control, simple meditation and a number of specific bodily postures that are done to improve the overall health of the body and mind. Practising yoga on a daily basis has been proven to keep sickness at bay, improves sleep and reduces anxiety and stress. Additionally, yoga is said to improve flexibility, build muscle strength, which protects the body from arthritis and back pain, perfects posture, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown and protects the spine. At the same time, yoga boosts blood flow, allowing more oxygen to the cells. Moreover, yoga has been proven to drain lymph and support the immune system. By contracting and stretching your muscles you are inadvertently leading to the drainage of lymph, which is a viscous fluid rich in immune cells. There are a number of yoga classes in Singapore that you can sign up for. Yoga membership can vary from one yoga studio to another, hence it is best to check membership prices or consider signing up for a flexible membership plan, to avoid exceeding your budget.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is nothing short of challenging, but at the same time, it is an enriching and fruitful experience that can go a long way in boosting your IQ. In fact, learning a new language has been proven to have cognitive benefits. Moreover, investing time to learn a new language will improve memory, provide longer attention span and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disorders and overall cognitive decline. Additionally, when you are equipped with the knowledge of a new language you will be opening yourself to new opportunities. Learning a new language is especially helpful if you are looking to widen your circle of friends, or make more friends with diverse backgrounds. One major advantage of being bilingual also allows you to easily surpass language barriers, and navigate better in a foreign country. Singapore, being the multi-cultural city that it is, has an increasing number of people taking up language classes. Needless to say, this has caused a rise in language schools in Singapore. Depending on your budget, you can find a suitable class that is both comprehensive and affordable.

Pick Up a New Instrument

Similar to learning a new language, picking up an instrument has been shown to improve one’s cognitive faculties. Learning to play an instrument not only stimulates the brain, but it also improves your memory and abstract reasoning skills. Besides being good for your brain, it is also good for expanding your circle of friends. Moreover, studies have shown that playing a musical instrument relaxes the mind and eases stress; it slows the pulse and heart rate, decreases the levels of stress hormones, and lowering blood pressure. There’s also a sense of achievement when you have learned an instrument. And that’s not all, practising on a regular basis and improving your musical ability will make you more determined, diligent and disciplined. Your time management skills have also been shown to improve in leaps and bounds. In addition to helping you organise your time more effectively, playing music will help you to be more creative. Similar to the language and yoga classes in Singapore, there are numerous music classes held by music schools that you can join to learn a new instrument or simply brush up on your skills.

Use YouTube Resourcefully Instead of Watching Cat Videos

Let’s face it, most of us prefer to watch videos on YouTube to kill time or entertain ourselves. Besides being home to countless videos of addictive cat videos, YouTube also has a plethora of videos that are high in educational value. Using your time more resourcefully on YouTube will help you learn new things every day. The best part? It’s completely free. Take it a step further and try to apply it in your daily life. Whether you are checking out a new recipe or learning how to use Photoshop, these videos will open up a world of possibilities for you. Some YouTubers will even provide a step-by-step tutorial to ensure that viewers have a strong foundation before they move on to more advanced techniques. The comfortable pace of learning will help viewers stay motivated and prevent any discouragement.