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Things To Know Before Marrying A Local

So, you have dated a local Singaporean for a couple of years now and are ready to tie the knot and probably settle down permanently in this country in the near future. You are ready to start a family, yet you are not sure how to go about it and what to expect. Allow us to take the jitters off you and place you back on course by revealing unto you what needs to be done and what to expect before marrying the love of your life.


Be Aware of the Different Cultures

Singapore is known to be an authentic melting pot of cultures and its communities diverse and vibrant. The resident ethnic makeup of Singapore predominantly consists of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian, so the partner of your dreams will most likely fall under one of these ethnic groups, which very much possess their very own unique similarities and differences. As such, it would be wise for you to start out with some basic research on the different cultures in Singapore, such as the traditional customs that you would have to be familiar with in the “nikah” (solemnisation) ceremony with your Malay Muslim partner, the formalities and practices for a Chinese wedding or the matrimonial rituals and celebrations for the Indians.

Equipping yourself with all the vital information pertaining to the different cultures in Singapore is something worth investing your time in. Having the necessary knowledge of the different ethnic groups will allow you to act and speak accordingly depending on who you are interacting with and that can very well be a life saver. Besides, learning and studying your partner’s values and culture will allow you to appreciate them even more, paving the way to a wholesome relationship.


The Opinion of Your Future Parents-In-Law Is Important

Asian parents are strict as they are conservative. But that does not mean that they are unreasonable. If you ever encounter difficulties in choosing an interesting topic to talk about with your future in-laws or feel like they are just too scary to approach and strike a conversation, the first thing you need to do is calm down. This is because most of the Asian parents are patient and willing to communicate with their prospective son or daughter-in-law to find out more about their child’s partner — all you have to do is be yourself and open up, all whilst maintaining basic courtesy and manners.

Over time, you will learn to grasp and manoeuvre about the best possible topics with your prospective in-laws and gradually keep an open mind on their feedback, comments and advice regarding yourself or the relationship without getting agitated or having biased assumptions. The objective is relatively straightforward — win the hearts of the parents, and you win their child’s hand in marriage.


The Opinion of Their Friends Are Equally Important

Friends make up half the list of important people in your life. Cherishing and respecting the opinions of their friends is essentially one of the ways to successfully winning your love’s inner circle and showing that you love and care for the people that matters to them as well. As such, it is imperative that you do not leave them out of your equation at any given point of time.

Whenever you are out together with their friends, bring your A-game to the table and take the time to have meaningful conversations with them and seek their opinions about the wedding preparations such as the sourcing of an appropriate venue. Do not forget to express your utmost appreciation on the valuable friendship that they share with your partner too.


Trust and Respect

Like any other human in the world,  everyone wants to be treated right with love and respect. Sure, they may express different opinions based on their personal values and principles at times. But that does not mean that either of you is wrong. You can try to agree to disagree for one. However, don’t forget to shower your loved one with love and trust, convince him or her of your dedication and prove to him or her that you have what it takes to make this relationship work and are willing to go the distance. At the end of the day, it takes two hands to clap, so if you and your partner get the priorities right in the relationship, things should turn out to be pretty for the both of you.


Necessary Documents

Whichever country you originate from, there is no escaping the necessary visitation procedures that you have to go through upon arrival, thus it is strongly encouraged that you prepare the essential documents that you need to accompany your application.  Do check on the Singapore government website to gather your required documents for your application status. Whether it is a long term visitor pass or a Singapore Permanent Resident application, you are required to ensure that you have everything that you need ready for the application online at Singapore’s Registry of Marriage website. Once you manage to get all the steps sorted, you are then left with that big wedding date and planning to look forward to.