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What To Do In A City That Never Sleeps

Moving abroad can be a daunting experience. More often than not, we are petrified by the fact that we have to cast aside everything that we are accustomed and familiar to such as our friends and family, our usual eateries, hangout places etc or perhaps it’s the same old late night hangout, shopping or food places that we usually head out to. If you are residing in Europe or Western parts of the world with limited late-night shopping or food choices and intending to move abroad to Asia, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of shopping, eatery and entertainment options in this part of the world!

In Asia, particularly Singapore, you will be spoiled for choices as there are plenty of affordable and accessible 24/7 shopping, eatery and entertainment options that cater to individuals who work late as well as people who like to shop through the night. If you are moving abroad by yourself and thinking of places to hang out to meet new friends, there are a whole line of bars and clubs waiting for you! On the contrary, there are quieter spots such as the parks and late night dim sums to keep your belly full while you keep the conversation going with your date! For those with family, you can head out for late night grocery shopping at some of the biggest 24/7 supermarkets!

If you are sitting on the fences wondering whether you should move here and what Singapore has to offer, then you should continue reading to get some insight of the late night activities and entertainment!


Exploring The City That Never Sleeps

There are many cities throughout the world that are renowned for becoming ghost towns once the clock hits 6pm, apart from the handful of restaurants and bars which are open in the wee hours of the night.

If you are a late night owl who is usually awake at odd hours and generally feel restless or looking for some late-night entertainment to relieve stress, you will need a place that is accessible, opens till late with plenty of options. Away from the hustle and bustle, Singapore has plenty of hang-out spots for you to chill and curb midnight hunger pangs that you can enjoy from dusk till dawn.

So here goes nothing, all the activities from fitness centres, karaoke, late night shopping, and local food to keep you occupied through the night and beat the boredom! It’s time to rejoice, late night owls!


24/7 Attractions And Activities In The City That Never Sleeps

1. Futsal Cage

For sports enthusiasts, one of the few options to sweat it out with your buddies is going for a kickabout just about any time of the day. It’s also a good way of releasing all the stress from work and making new friends! These cages are conveniently located across Singapore and have plenty of facilities! (Tip: Friday nights and weekends are typically the most popular and toughest to book a court)

2. Mustafa Centre

The famed shopping mall frequented by late night owls houses everything from electronics gadgets to food and apparels. Besides this, they also offer services such as foreign exchange and travel booking arrangements. Conveniently located near Little India MRT station, it is accessible via a train or bus. With plenty of food, clothing, perfumes and many other items at competitive prices, it is very popular among locals, tourists alike. Due to its operating hours, this 24-hour one-stop shopping mall has a mix of good available for you to snag all the items! (Pro-Tip: Lookout for the signboards along the aisle or ask any of the friendly shop staffs if you have an item in mind; else it will be a never-ending walk for you).

3. 24-Hour Japanese Supermarket

Think Mustafa Centre, but the Japanese version of it. Singapore has a convenient store hailing from Japan which recently arrived on the shores of Singapore only. Conveniently located at Orchard, Tanjong Pagar, and City Square, it serves ready to eat food and a long queue is usually expected for its popular Sweet Potato snack as well as sushi etc. If you intend to go grocery shopping or get snacks in the wee hours, this is the store for you!

4. Karaoke

Who says that you can only party in nightclubs! Over here in Singapore, there are tons of Karaoke chains for you to sing your lungs out with your friends or buddies! They generally open till the wee hours of the night and are conveniently located across Singapore! You can also channel your inner rock star or pop icon voice at any time of the day! Furthermore, you can order food and drinks to keep your stomachs filled as you sing along!