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What You Need to Know about PR Application

Did you know that Singapore is one of the world’s most desirable countries to live in? Its relatively low crime rate, high standards of education, and good quality housing makes it popular with people emigrating from all around the world. But just how difficult is it to become a PR in Singapore? How long does the process take? And is it a difficult one? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about applying for Singapore PR, with everything you need to know before you fill in your application.


How Do I Become a Permanent Resident

There are in fact three different ways to become a Singapore permanent resident. The first – and most common – is the PTS, or Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme. Research shows that 95% of Singapore’s permanent residents obtain PR via this scheme. Next is the Global Investor Program scheme, or GIP, which was set up for those who want to initiate new business opportunities in the country. Finally, the Foreign Artistic Talent scheme was set up in 1991 to allow international arts professionals to become residents in Singapore because of their contribution to the arts or cultural significance.


How Long Does The Application Process Take

This can depend on various factors. According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority – or ICA – the processing time for a new PR application is around three to six months, although some applications might take longer. It’s important to plan ahead and get all the necessary documents you need when applying for PR, otherwise you might delay the process further. Finding out exactly what you need ahead of time can streamline the process and prevent any problems from occurring in the future.


What Will Increase The Chances of Your PR Application Being Approved

Your eligibility for PR status will depend on various factors, and all of your circumstances will be taken into account during the application process. Although Singapore doesn’t have a points system like other countries when determining residency applications, you are more likely to be approved if you are under the age of 50; if you have family ties in the country; if you have done voluntary work or contributed to the local community; if you work in a highly-desired or specific industry; if you have worked in Singapore for at least 12 months before you make your application; if you have obtained academic qualifications from a reputable institution; and other factors. View the steps on how to be a Singapore permanent resident here.


Do I Have to Be From A Particular Country When Applying for PR

No, Singapore accepts applications from all over the world. However, your chances of gaining PR might be improved if you are a citizen of a country in close proximity to Singapore, such as Malaysia. The ICA believes that Malaysia and Singapore have strong ties and share a similar background and culture.


What if I Have Another Question?

If you have a question about the documents you need to further your PR application, you can always refer to the ICA website, or contact a member of our staff. Here you will also find all the documents you need when making your application for PR.

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