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What You Should Know Before Moving To Singapore

Moving abroad may seem like a decision that the majority of us have always yearned for, but has the thought of moving to Singapore, a first-world country in the part of Asia ever come across your mind?

With lush greenery, a safe environment and plenty of job opportunities and more, Singapore continues to prove itself as one of the most liveable countries or city in the world. Whether you are single or married, there are an abundance of activities to do, places to hang out, and great shopping and eating options available. From various music festivals to dining at Michelin star restaurants, the experience you will be getting from this little red dot in the heart of Asia.

As a multi-racial society, Singapore celebrates all the festivals of different races such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hari-Raya, Deepavali and more! The diverse cultures also ensure that local, new and soon-to-be residents of Singapore are receptive and develop a liking for the fusion dishes and various clothing designs. As different cultures, religions, and passions meet, this has allowed people to live in harmony and contributed to the continued progression and success of Singapore in the past few decades.

As one of the most advanced countries in the world, Singapore has benefited from the digital age with more payment modes, efficient and effective ways of gathering news and information as well as the latest technologies and software. All these had led Singapore to become one of the most tech-savvy nations and informed people. There are even apps to calculate the distance and time required for travelling from point A to B as well as weight loss calculators and more!

Thinking about moving to Singapore? Read on to as we will be discussing with you more about Singapore and what you should prepare before making the exciting move over!


Why Choose Singapore

Recently featured in one of the blockbuster movies, Singapore is a land of opportunities, for both the rich and poor. It has modern standards of living, world-class healthcare and education system and an economy that has a perpetual need for talented individuals. With all this said, the government also has plenty of housing grants, benefits and others for their citizens. Understanding the need for individuals to be creative, companies in Singapore have also started flexible working arrangements and hours, where individuals are able to work from home or come in and out of office as long as they are able to complete the task given to them. The work culture in Singapore is also diverse due to the presence of different races and ethnicity in the workforce.

The benefits of living in Singapore do not end there, as it even has entertainment choices for singles and those with a family. Known for its world-class healthcare system, Singapore has an abundance of private and public hospitals and medical clinics for treating illnesses. If you are expecting a child, there are renowned gynaecologists for you to feel assured. Furthermore, mothers are granted maternity leaves up to 12 weeks, and fathers will be entitled to 2 weeks of paid leaves.


Things You Should Know Before Moving To Singapore

1. Housing

Before moving to any country, one of your main concerns is to have a comfortable, affordable roof over your head. An important consideration is the proximity to your workplace, food places, nearby schools, medical clinics and more. Fortunately, the majority of houses in Singapore have most of these amenities nearby! Unless you are preparing to stay in Singapore for good, you will most likely be renting a place. Renting a place to stay has its perks as you can get a feel of the environment before purchasing a house for good. If you want to find out more information about affordable houses and reviews, you may consider visiting websites, forums or social media to get a sense of the rental prices or the available houses in the market.

2. Healthcare

When you are living in a new country, you may no longer enjoy the privileges and access to the healthcare system that you have been accustomed to back in your home country. If you are moving to Singapore, you do not need to worry as Singapore has a great private and public healthcare system! With world-class medical treatment, you will be able to enjoy the best outpatient treatment, medical evaluation, medicines and many more! You may also consider getting insurance along with it to enjoy the medical and insurance benefits, which can cover your hospital bills, surgeon fee, specialists’ consultation, physiotherapy and others!

3. Banking Needs

As one of the leading financial hubs, finding a bank for your investment and banking needs is as easy as it gets. As soon as you arrive in Singapore, you can consider getting a local bank account set up so that you will be able to receive your salary, make bank transfers and ATM withdrawals as well as access to credit cards without all the hassle. As there are plenty of banks to go about, you can check out online to find out the best banks that fit your daily needs. When opening a new bank account, check with the bank on the specific documents such as your passport and others.