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When Is The Best Time To Shop In Singapore

Renowned as one of Asia’s shopping haven, you will be able to find some of the most coveted brands and products on sale in Singapore. From festive events such as Christmas to the highly anticipated Great Singapore Sale, you are sure to find some of the best deals during this period. Besides the offers at the retail stores, you will be able to enjoy offers and considerably competitive prices from the e-commerce platform too. Not only do products sold on digital platform offer competitive prices, but it also gives you convenience and access to more options. These shopping platforms and stores enable you the flexibility and luxury of enjoying products at competitive prices, while you are here in Singapore.

Despite its tropical climate, you are able to find seasonal pieces on markdowns during festive periods as well as the end of season sale. Hosting some of the biggest sports and fashion events, you can also be sure to expect brands taking the step up in their game by launching limited edition collections during these peak periods too.

If you are staying here in this island and are on the hunt to find the best bargains while you are here, continue reading as we will be giving you some insight on the places you can shop in Singapore and when you can expect wonderful deals and discounts.


Where To Shop In Singapore

Similar to some of the world’s leading fashion capital and first world countries, Singapore offers some of the most extensive product range of many brands. From international to local designer brands, you will be able to find and shop some of the most limited edition apparels, shoes and more both at the retail stores and online.

In shopping malls, colourful heritage shophouses and more, you can find international designer brands as well as fast-fashion labels alongside some up and coming local brands. You can also find new up and coming brands as well as local designer brands along the colourful stretches of the city such as Haji Lane, Chinatown, Ann Siang Hill, to name a few. Comparatively cheaper than the international brands, these local designer brands are one to look out for given their creative designs.

If you are looking for some affordable shopping spots, consider visiting Bugis Street or your neighbourhoods. Clothing sold at these places are equally as trendy and you can also find pieces that are inspired by the latest trends at these places.

For outlet shopping, you can consider heading to outlet malls. Some of these outlet malls do carry an array of popular international brands. Though the items sold at the outlet malls are generally past season items, they are considerably cheaper and usually sold at a discounted price.


Best Time To Shop In Singapore

1. Chinese New Year

Generally considered as one of the most celebrated events throughout the year, you can expect to see brands selling products at a discounted price or clearing of past season items. As red is the colour that is a signature for the Chinese New Year, you can expect an abundance of red coloured items to be on sale. For many locals, especially the Chinese, Chinese New Year is a time to shop for new clothes as they prepare for the visiting and gatherings that they have during this festive season. This also means that you can expect more sale seasons when it comes to other local ethnic group’s celebratory times! A major score, given that there are 4 major ethnic groups here in Singapore. Do bear in mind that many brands hold sales online too and they may have an additional discount if you shop on their online platforms too. If you plan to check out the local fashion brands and labels on top of their retail stores, do get on their list for the news update and never miss out on a great deal.

2. Christmas

Another one of the best times to shop will be Christmas. Due to its multi-cultural identity, Christmas is considered a public holiday here in Singapore. During this period, most brands in Singapore will hold major sales both online and in the retail stores as it is the time where the majority of the people will exchange gifts or purchase items for their year-end holiday. Similarly, you can expect the shopping malls to be well decorated. Mark this holiday on your calendar as you can expect to see sales starting as early as 1 month prior to the holiday season. During the year-end period, you can also expect to see sales for food, clothing, furniture, skin care and more!

3. Great Singapore Sale

This list will not be complete without the mention of the annual shopping event in Singapore. You can expect to see major deals across brands and products in the middle of the year. The Great Singapore Sale is also a period where consumers stand to win appealing prizes as they shop especially along the popular shopping street of Singapore, Orchard Road, brands with a brick and mortar in Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall. These shopping hot spots will usually participate in this annual event and throw in great deals and a lucky draw to go with it. So if you are in for a great deal and satisfy that shopaholic desires in you, you know that this is the time to do so. So mark your calendar!