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Where To Buy Affordable Furniture

Renowned for its tall living spaces, modern living spaces and lush greenery, Singapore is considered one of the best places to live in the world, particularly Asia. Living in Singapore, you are able to find some of the best home decor, furniture, equipment, among others.

If you have a keen interest in building and decorating your home, you will be glad to know that the malls in Singapore offer everything from international to local furniture which includes European homeware to antique Asian wardrobes and more.

These shopping malls in Singapore sell luxury to affordable furniture, and you may be able to find affordable furniture of high quality in Singapore. For individuals who are discount junkies, you will be glad to know that the furniture shops in Singapore also hold annual discounts, festive promotions. Therefore, always keep a lookout for such discounts via their online website, emails or brochures. In fact, most of the furniture sold in Singapore comes with a warranty, which protects the customers when any unforeseeable circumstances such as product damage occur and free returns. Whereas for those who are more environmentally conscious, there are also dedicated stores that sell sustainable furniture.

Apart from purchasing from brick and mortar stores, you can even shop for furniture through online stores in Singapore. In fact, most of the international and local furniture brands have online stores, which is considerably more affordable compared to purchasing through retail stores. These online furniture stores are especially popular among the increasingly tech-savvy individuals in Singapore. To differentiate the furniture sold through the online stores from the brick and mortar shops in Singapore, the furniture shops in Singapore carry items that are exclusively available online. If you are looking to purchase affordable furniture in Singapore, you may consider getting them through online platforms due to affordability and quality. For individuals who have an extra buck to spare, you may even consider customized furniture that is available for purchase through the retail stores and online.

If you are considering to make the move to this nation, continue reading as we will be giving you some insight on where to buy affordable furniture and the home living scene in Singapore.


Home Living Scene In Singapore

Despite its size, you can find a mixture of houses from public to private housing. In fact, these public houses are admired by many and have caught the eye of most countries. As Singaporeans have become more educated, the government has stepped up on public housing by making built-to-order (BTO) houses. These BTO flats have even drawn the attention of private housing developers, who have praised them. In terms of private houses, you have a variety of choices to choose from which include condominiums, terrace houses and bungalows.

While shopping for furniture and decorating your home can be a tiresome process, furniture shopping in Singapore is considered to be one of the most enjoyable and convenient processes. With the rich Asian heritage and European roots, you can find interior and exterior living spaces that have a mixture of modern and traditional architectural concepts and furniture too!

With plenty of furniture shops to choose from, it will prove beneficial for you to know some of the best furniture shopping spots.


Best Spots To Shop For Affordable Furniture In Singapore

1. Orchard Road

The famed Orchard Road is arguably one of the most popular and common shopping spots for new and current homeowners. Orchard Road has some of the best shopping experiences which include international and local furniture shops. You can find these furniture shops along malls such as Tanglin Mall, Paragon and Wheelock Place. Despite being located in the upscale part of Singapore, you are able to find high-quality furniture sold at affordable prices along Orchard Road. In fact, furniture retailers even provide one of the best services. Apart from the warranty, some of the furniture shops even provide free delivery with a minimum spend. Conveniently located near Orchard or Somerset MRT, you can find these furniture shops by taking a train or bus. If you want to score some great deals, you may consider marking events and dates such as The Great Singapore Sale, Black Friday on your calendar.

2. IMM

Considered as one of the most popular and best discount malls in Singapore, you can expect to find some of the best furniture at huge savings when you shop at IMM. Located at the western part of Singapore, you can visit IMM via the train to Jurong East MRT. Alternatively, you may consider taking a bus too.

3. Online

Shopping online is no longer a tedious task even when it comes to purchasing furniture. You can find some of the best furniture pieces online. In fact, you may find that the furniture sold online may sometimes be more affordable than purchasing from the brick and mortar stores. You may even be able to find second-hand furniture pieces in perfect condition. Though shopping online has plenty of issues such as product defect, reliability and loss of product, shopping for furniture online is considered to be one of the safest and more reliable due to the strict government regulations. If you want to shop overseas, you can even find furniture from overseas which is available 24/7.