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Where To Buy Working Attire In Singapore

Renowned as one of the top global financial hubs, Singapore not only provides ample job opportunities to satisfy the ambitions of many.

But making your way up is not always simply working hard and working smart. Dressing for the job can increase your chances of getting that promotion you are so looking forward to, according to some business magazines and newspaper publications which gives career advice.

Singapore has no lack of international and local fashion brands from which you can shop for your workplace wardrobe, from bespoke suits and blazers to dazzling accessories and trinkets. Putting on a good piece of outfit can allow you to look good, feel confident and strike good impressions — all of which are important in a professional environment.

If you are contemplating whether to move to this nation, keep reading this article as we give you some insights on where are the best places and what are the preferred ways to purchase your working attire and follow the fashion scene in Singapore.


Fashion Scene In Singapore

If you are new to Singapore, it may come as a surprise for you as shopping is considered one of the nation’s favourite past time. With a thriving economy and Singaporeans possessing one of the top purchasing power in the world, countless brands from across the world have opened and are continuing to open their flagship store here, carrying exclusive items and the latest line-ups.

But if you are a discount junkie or simply someone that enjoys a thrill from getting things at a steal, mark in your calendar sales occasions such as The Great Singapore Sale, Christmas, New Year and even Chinese New Year. These events always offer plenty of fashion promotions for those who act fast.


Best Spots To Shop For Working Attires In Singapore

1. Orchard Road

Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping capital, cannot be left out. Some of Singapore’s biggest and glitziest malls flank this stretch of road on both sides and is the top destination for a shopper. Here, you can find international brands like Chanel, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton, Fast-fashion brands like H&M, Zara and Forever 21and homegrown labels such as Love Bonito. With an abundance of shopping malls to choose from, Orchard Road is considered to be a one-stop shopping destination for anything from electronics, apparels, dining and entertainment. In terms of some of the best local and international food, you can visit bars, restaurants and food courts to enjoy along Orchard Road after you shop. In fact, you can find fusion cuisine along the famed Orchard Road.

2. Paragon, Ion, Takashimaya

Located along the streets of Orchard Road, you can find plenty of high-end designer brands which sell working attire and tailored suits at malls such as Paragon, Ion and Takashimaya. As these high-end retailers usually open from 11am and end as late as 9-10pm, you may visit these boutiques for shop these working attires. Conveniently located at Orchard or Somerset MRT, you can visit these shopping spots and malls along Orchard Road by train or bus. To score some great deals, you may consider looking out for events and dates such as The Great Singapore Sale, Christmas, where brands usually hold special promotions during this period.

3. Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza

If you are interested in getting tailor-made working suits, consider visiting malls like Far East Plaza or Lucky Plaza. These malls offer some of the most competitive prices and have tailor shops which have existed since the early days of Singapore. Using some of the best fabric, you can get a piece of tailored suit, shirt and trousers with high quality at an affordable price. For fast-fashion brands that are slightly more affordable and of equal quality to major international brands, you can find them along malls like Ion, 313 Somerset and others.

4. IMM

One of the best discount malls in Singapore, you can expect to get some of the best savings when you shop at IMM. Located at the western part of Singapore, you can visit IMM by taking the train to Jurong East MRT. Alternatively, you may consider taking a bus too. An outlet mall, you can secure and purchase working attire and pieces at huge savings. From international to local fashion brands, you can find past season working attires at IMM.

5. Online

With one of the most tech-savvy nations, you can purchase or have your working attire tailored online. In Singapore, you can simply give your body measurement and have it customized. Alternatively, you may purchase your working attire online through independent brands or get your working attire through international online stores that ship to Singapore. One good thing about shopping online in Singapore is the security and availability to you 24/7.

6. Neighbourhood Malls And Shophouses

With a rich and diverse culture, you can find some of the best tailors which can make quality suits, shirts and trousers. Some of these tailors have been around Singapore for plenty of years and are considered to be very skilled. In fact, these skilled tailors do precise body measurements and use some of the best fabric for your clothes. If you are searching for some of the best tailors around your neighbourhood, you can find these neighbourhood tailors around spots like Chinatown, Serangoon and Geylang.