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Where To Exercise In Singapore

With all the gyms, fitness centres and viral fitness videos online, we being to pay more attention to our health. Besides all the long hours and decent income you get at work, one thing that you should pay attention to is your health. As per the health is wealth quote, there is nothing more important than ensuring that you get sufficient exercise. Furthermore, staying in shape has plenty of benefits such as fitting nicely into your clothes, reduced risks of developing diseases and allows you to live longer.

As one of Asia’s most developed and prosperous countries, the Singapore government have started to place more emphasis on getting staying fit and getting regular exercise. They have also encouraged more individuals to embrace an active lifestyle, which has led to programmes like ActiveSG, steps challenge and more! In recent years, Singapore has hosted some big marathons for both kids and adults. There has also been more fitness corners, park connectors and various exercise areas and walking paths that were build to encourage Singaporeans to lead a healthier lifestyle such as running, cycling and more. Some of them come with breathtaking scenery along the exercising path, making the work out feel like a pleasant walk in the park.

With its year-round predictable weather, Singapore is considered a country/city perfect for training and exercising, with higher demand and interest in exercising and staying fit. Furthermore, there has been more investments in sports which led to the development of plenty of state-of-the-art training facilities and fun, free and scenic workout places in Singapore.

Relatively smaller in size compared to its counterparts in Asia, Singapore has successfully managed to nurture and develop athletes who have excelled in sports. Some successes in the sporting arena include winning a gold medal at the Olympics and others! A great feat, this has driven further interest in their desire for picking up a sport in their school days and beyond.

If you are making plans to relocate to Singapore, continue reading this article as we will be exploring some of the best exercising spots in this healthy city!


Exercising In Singapore

Thanks to its lush greenery and modern standards of living, you can find exercising spots in Singapore with ease. Furthermore, the air quality is generally free from pollutants that you can exercise with relative comfort. Some outdoor activities include running, hiking and others which you can do at the park connectors or around your neighbourhood.

As one of the most tech-savvy nations, most households and individuals in Singapore are equipped with a smartphone or smart TV to gather information and even exercise at the comfort of their homes. Some indoor activities that you can perform are high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which are considered to be quick and effective workout alternatives. Due to the influence of social media, individuals can also participate in group activities nearby them or find out about the upcoming running of fitness activities happening around them.

With more educated individuals and white-collar workers, there has been an increase in demand for gyms and fitness centres to cater to their need for gyms located near their workplace. These gyms and fitness centres also provide classes for individuals to work out with their friends and is a good place to relieve stress and make new friends at the same time.


Exercising Spots In Singapore

1. Gyms

With more gyms that have sprung up in malls and neighbourhood, they are considered to be widely accessible to the majority of individuals and health enthusiasts. These gyms host a wide range of activities such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, the usual treadmill and a whole range of interesting activities. With an abundance of training facilities and programmes, you can head for a fitness class before work, during lunch or after working hours. However, these gym sessions will require you to sign up or pay in order to enjoy the facilities.

2. Sports Hubs

Want to experience the thrill of climbing and a full body workout, there are malls in Singapore located around your neighbourhood that offer shopping, dining and rock climbing activities for you to test your physical and mental strength, increase your flexibility. At the same time, you can enjoy all the entertainment and activities that are available in the mall. Some places that your family and you may consider heading to are the sports hubs.

3. Community Centers

Available to the majority of people in Singapore, you can sign up to activities and use the gym in the community centres across Singapore. These community centres were set up by the government for the primary purpose of providing affordable workout and fitness programmes. Interestingly, these community centres are located around your neighbourhood and considered to be more affordable than signing up to the gym. If you are an amateur or looking to start exercising, you may consider visiting or paying a visit to the community centres.

4. Swimming Complex

Due to recent events and awards that Singapore has won in the pool, this has led to an increase in interest for swimming. With plenty of swimming complex around the neighbourhood, you can go for a swim on weekdays and weekends at an affordable price! If you have a family, you can consider swimming classes for your kids!