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Where To Get A Driving License In Singapore

One of the most immediate need when living at any given place is being able to travel around, and learning to drive has become an almost indispensable skill in the 21st Century even if you plan to use public transport all your life. To learn to drive in Singapore, you will have to enrol into a certified driving school, undergo an intensive program and pass tests invigilated by the traffic police and certified driving instructors.

In Singapore, you will be happy to know that you can enjoy some of the best driving lessons widely available in Singapore. With one of the most extensive driving courses and lessons in the world, you can even convert your driving license to an international driving license although the cars in Singapore are predominantly right-hand drive.

You can enrol into theory courses online which can help you to attain your driving license. You can also find out more driving rules and regulations online. With the assistance of online channels, you can even find private driving instructors who are highly recommended and book for driving slots online. In fact, we can also book for driving tests online.

If you are getting a driving license when you migrate to Singapore, keep reading further as we will sharing with you some tips on how to get a driving license and where you can get them from.


Getting A Driving License In Singapore

To begin, you must meet the minimum age of 18 years old, be physically and mentally fit without any major eyesight problems or colour-blindness in order to apply for a driving license in Singapore.

The driving schools in Singapore offer driving licenses for cars, motorbikes and more. For cars, you can obtain a manual or automatic driving license, termed as class 3 or class 3a respectively. To equip you with the best knowledge about road safety and driving, all candidates in Singapore will have to take two theory tests, known as basic and final theory tests. In order to proceed with the actual driving lesson, you will have to pass the basic theory test and get a provisional driving license (PDL). However, you must pass both the basic and final theory test before you are allowed to book a date for your practical driving test.

In Singapore, you are able to learn driving through a private instructor or driving schools such as Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL) located in Woodlands, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC) in Ubi and Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC), located at Bukit Batok. On average, a learner who enrols into the driving schools will have to attend 24-27 lessons before they can book a driving test. In contrast, a learner who goes through a private instructor can book a driving test as long as their instructor or themselves deem that they are well-equip to pass the driving test.

If you already have an existing driving license back in your country, you can convert it within three months of obtaining citizenship or permanent resident status. In order to do so, you must pass the basic theory test (BTT) and apply for conversion. You might also have to submit additional documents such as your driving record, driving test pass date and more.

Bearing in mind that you can learn through a private instructor or driving schools in Singapore, you should be prudent in your decision as both have pros and cons.


Where You Can Get A Driving License In Singapore

1. Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL)

Located in the northern part of Singapore, people from the north usually frequent it. There are also free two-way shuttle bus pick-up services for students of SSDCL. Though the syllabus is generally the same, you can see a slight difference in price and learning structure. For students of SSDCL, practical lessons are generally 20 minutes longer, 120 minutes in total compared to other schools that offer 100 minutes. The price of the lesson also varies in accordance with peak and off-peak time slots. For the practical driving test, the fees are also considerably cheaper.

2. ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)

One of the most popular driving schools, the CDC is conveniently located in the eastern part of Singapore. There are even learners staying in the north who make a special trip to the CDC to learn and get their license here. You should consider what is best for you when selecting the school to learn from as both CDC and BBDC offer 100-minute practical lessons. Due to its popularity, the practical driving test is one of the most expensive compared to the other schools.

3. Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)

The last of three driving schools in Singapore, Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) is at the western part of Singapore. If you decide to take up driving from BBDC, the cost of the driving lessons are the same. However, practical driving tests are cheaper than CDC and slightly more expensive compared to SSDCL.