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Where to Get Your Boba Fix In Singapore?

As a multicultural society that always accepts immigrants with open arms, Singapore has an extremely diverse foodscape that is basically a smorgasbord of our cultural make-up. With an array of international cuisines available at every turn, there is bound to be something that will tickle your fancy within this food paradise. Alongside Laksa, Hainanese chicken rice, and Roti Prata, the enduring love that our locals have towards bubble tea transcends all.


Hailing from Taiwan, this delightful cup of joy has won the hearts of Singaporeans from all walks of life, and the beverage is also viewed as an expression of nostalgia and community. Besides, going to a bubble tea shop is a lot like being a part of a “choose your own adventure” game. As you get to select your favourite tea and toppings, the combinations that you can try out are truly unlimited. Fortunately, there is a slew of awesome bubble tea places in Singapore with tantalising selections that will never bore you, so here is a compilation of the city’s best spots where you can get an indulgent boba fix.


Hey Tea

One of the newest kids on the boba block in Singapore’s ever-growing bubble tea market, China-bred Hey Tea is the ultimate destination for your sipping pleasure. Providing only the freshest brown sugar milk as well as premium quality teas, this swanky bubble tea spot has attracted snaking queues ever since its launch at ION’s basement. Bubble tea fans will also be pleased to know that their famous brown sugar crème brûlée tea also comes in a soft serve form that is topped off with their soft yet chewy, glistening pearls.


R&B Tea

Renowned for their fresh milk and toppings, R&B tea serves up a range of delectable beverages that will not only fulfil your boba craving, but are also totally Instagram-worthy. Packing a divine punch that will keep you coming back for more, their brown sugar series is undoubtedly the star of the show. With caramelised brown sugar, milk, smooth cream cheese topping, and soft pearls slow-cooked in brown sugar syrup, you are certainly in for a heavenly treat.


Edith Patisserie

Fans of bubble tea pearls rejoice! Local bakery Edith Patisserie has done the unthinkable by creating bubble tea tarts that look way too delicious to be true. With a milk tea base engulfed with a thick, golden crust as well as a scoopful of delicious pearls on top, this tart simply embodies pure enjoyment. As the tarts are only available in limited quantities at their North Bridge outlet and Deliveroo on Fridays through Sundays every week, bubble tea fans should head on down early before they get snapped up.



Looking to switch up the usual black pearls for other exciting toppings? Or are you searching for a new place to get a unique caffeine fix? Look no further than Hollin, a new addition to Singapore’s bubble tea scene. Established by a couple of Taiwanese folks, this cosy tea shop has found its home within Toa Payoh Central where they are known for their creamy and fluffy matcha milk lattes. On top of that, they also rotate their pearl flavours on a daily basis, which include cocoa, coconut, matcha, peanut, and more!


Tiger Sugar

As one of the pioneers in the brown sugar milk fad in Singapore, Tiger Sugar is a place that you should definitely not miss out if you truly love bubble tea. Originating from Taiwan, this coveted bubble tea brand has expanded substantially since its fairly recent launch here – with 3 outlets across the island to date. Handcrafted from dark brown sugar syrup, fresh milk cream mousse, black tea and ultra-soft boba pearls, Tiger Sugar offers a boba experience like no other.


TP Tea

It is always boba time at TP Tea. Open 24 hours a day at its flagship outlet within the Changi Airport Terminal, you can now get your bubble tea fix any day, any time. Affiliated with iconic bubble tea pioneer Chun Shui Tang, their vast selection of drinks is formulated with only the best premium tea leaves from Taiwan for an unrivalled, refreshing taste. The brand is also known for their Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice-cream, which encapsulates the creamy essence of milk tea with chewy pearls to boot.



Partea is the place to hit up if you love all different types of tea. With a bevvy of traditional Chinese tea brews as well as milk, cheese, and fruit infusions, you will definitely be spoilt for choice at this unique bubble tea joint. If you are already experienced in the bubble tea-verse, then Partea is where you can go out of your comfort zone and get wild with your tea and topping combinations.



Specialising in artisanal bubble tea and smoothies, this new local bubble tea spot is the ideal quaint getaway during a hot weekend afternoon. Nestled within the quirky Haji Lane, LittlePo stands out with its sky-blue exterior and an Instagrammable life-sized cup situated right at its entrance. Head on over to try out their basic fresh milk tea with pearls, or if you are craving for something stronger, do give their Yorkshire and Jasmine milk teas a shot!