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Where To Go During School Holidays

Perhaps one of the best times of the year for your little one is the school holidays. Depending on the age of your kid, he/she may be in studying in a kindergarten, primary or secondary school, and this is probably the period of time where you can take leave from work to bring him/her out for some activities or a holiday trip. During the school holidays, there would be plenty of activities for you and your family, discounts and more. Some of the activities include art workshops, playground activities, games, special discounts to the zoo and more. This has also extended to discounted fares for your travels. Fortunately, there is an abundance of child-friendly places and activities you can bring your kids to in Singapore. In fact, some of the activities may be more affordable during the school holidays.

With one of the best education systems in the world, particularly Asia, both locals and expats can enjoy some of the best curriculum and core curriculum activities (CCA) during school or school holidays. In fact, studying in Singapore allows you to have plenty of practical and hands-on application apart from scoring good grades. During the school holidays, kids get to enrol into overseas programs such as outward bound, overseas competitions and more. In recent years, the government have arranged school holiday camps to visit places of interest in Singapore, which helps in student development.

Due to the increasing reliance on technology, our little ones have become well versed with technology. In fact, they may be more digitally savvy compared to their parents. With technology, we can find activities for our kids and ensure that they are safe through social media platforms and social messaging apps. Technology also allows us to find activities and places to bring our kids during the school holidays.

If you are considering to move to Singapore with your kids, keep reading this article further as we will be sharing some tips on places and activities for you and your family as well as the things to expect during the school holidays in Singapore.


What To Expect During The School Holidays In Singapore

Breaks from school are arguably one of the periods where your little ones constantly look forward to throughout the calendar year. Free from all the homework at school, kids get to be themselves. While the energetic few will beg to go out and play, others will simply laze at home.

In Singapore, there are at least 2-4 school holidays depending on their age. Primary and secondary school have at least 4 school holidays, a one week holiday in March and September and a one month holiday in June, November and December. On the contrary, students in the Polytechnic, Junior College will have slightly different school holidays, which include a shorter November holiday period. For tertiary level students who are more independent, some may opt to work while others may head overseas or visit places of interest in Singapore. On the other hand, primary and secondary school students yearn for their parent’s attention. Parents can consider bringing them to workshops, playgrounds, zoo, just to name a few.

With an abundance of activities during the school holidays, it will prove beneficial for you to know some of the best family-friendly spots for you and your family in Singapore.


Best Family-Friendly Spots For The School Holidays In Singapore

1. Sentosa

One of the most popular and common hangout spots among locals and tourists, Sentosa has plenty of activities and discounts during the school holidays. You can bring your little ones and family for all sorts of fun-filled activities. From beaches to building sandcastles, you can soak up the sun and enjoy games and activities such as water sports, cable cars and slides. Conveniently located at Harbourfront MRT, you can visit Sentosa by changing to a cable car. The fun even extends till the night, where you can enjoy meals under the stars. If you are planning to head there during the school holidays, look out for special deals at their website.

2. Changi Airport

Arguably one of the best airports in the world, you can expect to enjoy plenty of fun-filled activities when you visit Changi Airport. Lookout for activities during the holidays such as art and craft, slides at the playground, performance acts and others. Furthermore, there are plenty of art displays and eating spots at Changi Aiport. Conveniently located at Changi Airport MRT, you can visit them by train or bus. If you are visiting Changi Airport during the school holidays, consider checking out their website or social media platform for activities and special deals.

3. Pulau Ubin

If you are looking to visit a place to sweat it out, you may consider bringing you and your family to Pulau Ubin. Just a stone’s throw away, you can take a bumboat from Changi Village. Visiting Pulau Ubin, you get to experience the olden days of Singapore, where you can see old villages, wild animals, coconut palms and many. If you are tired of exploring Pulau Ubin on foot, you can consider renting a bike.