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Where To Go For Dates In Singapore

Offering everything from dining under the stars to visiting an indoor garden, you can find just about everything for a romantic night out with your loved one in Singapore.

Of course, everyone’s idea of romance is different — some prefer dim and quiet environments, some like roughing it out outdoors, and some just find a relaxing time in a cafe is the way to go. Whatever is your idea of a romantic night out, you can surely find something you and your partner enjoy within and among Singapore’s lush gardens, tall skyscrapers, iconic architecture and picturesque landscape.

Singapore doubles up on events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year when you will get to see the streets, malls, shops and even districts all dressed up to create the perfect atmosphere. You get to purchase gifts otherwise unavailable for the rest of the year, your dates during these events. From ulu cafes to hidden dating spots, you can experience some of the most awe-inspiring decorations and delicious foods. Some of these hidden gems may be more affordable due to their location.

If you are considering to make the move to this country, keep reading this article as we will be sharing some dating spots and activities for you and your date as well as the dating scene in Singapore.


Dating Scene In Singapore

In Singapore, there are plenty of dating apps for you to find potential dates/partners. By matching them against your preference, these apps will find and match you with your ideal partner. After finding your ideal partner, you can arrange to have a chat and meet up with them, if both of you have a common interest and are able to communicate well.

Besides dating apps, you can find potential dates/partners through dating agencies. These dating agencies provide you with convenience where an agent would find an appropriate date/partner on your behalf. The agent would also arrange everything from the dating spot and others. The most common and popular method among most people is to meet people through social media platforms. With their names, you are able to message and communicate with people through these social media platforms.

With an abundance of dating apps and spots, it will prove beneficial for you to know some of the best dating spots in Singapore to score romantic points!


Best Dating Spots In Singapore

1. Sentosa

Considered to be one of the most popular beaches and entertainment spots among locals and tourists, you can enjoy some of the best activities, dining and entertainment options in Singapore. Sentosa consists of plenty of fun-filled activities such as a theme park, international dining spots and more. If you are heading Sentosa in the day, you can soak up the sun and enjoy these games and activities. At night, you can enjoy the bright lights, candlelight dinner and more. Conveniently located at Harbourfront MRT, you can get to Sentosa island by taking a short express train through Vivocity. If you are planning to head there for your date, look out for special deals at the diner’s website or card promotions.

2. Orchard Road

Arguably one of the best shopping, entertainment and dining spots in the world, particularly Asia, Orchard Road offers plenty of exciting activities such as world-class shopping experience, dining at international and local restaurants and cafes and watching some of the highly-acclaimed movies. Conveniently located at Orchard or Somerset MRT, you can reach the cafes, shopping spots and others by train or bus.

3. East Coast Park

One of Singapore’s most famous park, East Coast Park offers plenty of fun-filled activities and dining options. Situated near the beaches, East Coast Park has some of the best pubs and bars in Singapore to drink. Famous for its seafood, you can dine at seafood restaurants among others. If you are tired of exploring East Coast Park on foot, you may consider renting a bike.

4. Marina Bay Sands

Conveniently located at Bayfront MRT, Marina Bay Sands shopping mall is home to some of the best international cafes, cuisines and restaurants, steamboats and Michelin star restaurants. It is an ideal place to bring your date for a sumptuous meal. As it is popular among both locals and tourists, consider making a booking online or through their hotline.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Besides all the food places that Singapore is famous for, you can consider bringing your date to some of Singapore’s most iconic spots such as UNESCO world heritage sites like Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is a blast of our British colonial days. With such rich history, you can find heritage trees, sculptures and more. If you want to find out more information about Singapore Botanic Gardens, you can consider joining guided tours. In fact, Singapore Botanic Gardens is considered as a favourite spot among couples who usually go there for their wedding photoshoots. Located at Botanic Gardens MRT, you can take a train there with your date if you are not driving. Over there, you can enjoy the beautiful trees and scenery. Opens as early as 5am till 12 midnight daily, Singapore Botanic Gardens is free for admission.