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Where To Go Shopping In Singapore

Shopping Scene In Singapore

Known as one of the leading fashion capitals in the world, particularly in Asia, Singapore offers you some of the best shopping spots where you can shop for everything from makeup products to the latest fashion clothes. With local and international brands across the world, you are able to find makeup products, apparels, kids clothing and more. In recent years, there has been an uptick in the digital shopping sphere where many people prefer to shop at instead of the traditional brick and mortar stores.

On top of Singapore’s multicultural and multiracial DNA that has made the retail scene here so diverse, vibrant and interesting, Singaporeans are also very receptive of exotic products and creations of foreign innovation. Although this little island sits in the Southeast Asia region, you can find products that come from a long way off such as the Americas, Europe and the far corners of Asia.

At the turn of the digital decade, online shopping has since become the digital mecca where you can find just about anything and anyone with something to sell. International and local brands have dedicated much effort to transform their business strategies as they look to the web for new sales and branding avenues. Arguably, in Asia at least, the online shopping and the Korean craze exist in a somewhat symbiotic relationship in which the success of one benefits the other.

If you are contemplating whether to move to Singapore and want to learn more about the shopping scene, read on to hear what we have to say about some of the best places and ways to shop in Singapore!


Best Spots To Shop In Singapore

1. Orchard Road

Effectively one of the most popular and common hangout spots among locals and tourists, you are able to find some of the most famous international and local brands along Orchard Road. It offers you the opportunity to test out the clothing, makeup products and accessories before purchase it. In fact, some stores even give you membership discounts when you purchase with them. Conveniently located in the heart of Singapore, you are able to visit the beauty shops along Orchard Road via a train or bus. At times, there are even events and pop-up stores which coincide with festivals such as Chinese New Year, Great Singapore Sale, Black Friday and more. Keep a lookout for these festivals as the brands will usually offer special promotions.

2. Changi Airport

Arguably one of the best airports in the world, you can expect to enjoy huge savings when you shop in Changi Airport. In fact, the products sold in Changi Airport may even be cheaper than purchasing at the retail stores in Singapore as they are free from tax. If you are travelling overseas, you can purchase products in the transit area. In recent years, you are even able to purchase products through digital platforms and collect them before or after your departure and arrival at Changi Airport.

3. Mustafa Centre

One of Singapore’s best 24-hour shopping spots, you can find everything from groceries to apparels at Mustafa Centre. In fact, some of the products such as electronic games, cosmetics and foods sold at Mustafa Centre may be considerably more affordable compared to shopping malls located at Orchard Road. As it opens till late, it is a favourite spot for late night owls. Mustafa Centre is also popular among tourists as they can shop for late night snacks, apparels, just to name a few at the wee hours of the night. Conveniently located near Farrer Park MRT station, you can travel to Mustafa Centre by train or bus. As it gets crowded later in the night and weekends especially, consider heading to Mustafa Centre slightly earlier to avoid getting caught in the crowd.

4. City Hall

Centrally located, you can find some of the best shopping spots and food places at City Hall. From shopping mall such as Raffles City to Suntec City, you can find residential malls and shopping centres which house food courts, international and local fashion brands and more. City Hall is also one of the few places in Singapore that host major events such as the inaugural night race, national day, just to name a few. Conveniently located, you can travel to places around City Hall by train or bus. Popular during the weekends and after office hours, you can find drinking, dining and shopping at City Hall.

5. Bugis

Located around the central part of Singapore, Bugis is one of the most trendy and popular places among youths and locals. In Bugis, you can find incredible local foods, international and local fashion brands. Bugis, in particular, Bugis Street is famous for selling affordable clothes and local food. Accessible to many, you can travel to Bugis via train or bus.

3. Digital Platforms

An increasing trend these days, you are able to purchase products online as Singaporeans and brands in Singapore have decided to turn towards the use of digital platforms and technology. In fact, the products sold online maybe considerably more affordable compared to purchasing through the brick and mortar stores. Shopping online gives you the convenience of shopping online and receiving your orders at your doorstep. Similar to the retail stores, keep a lookout for festivals such as Black Friday, Christmas and more as you may enjoy special discounts and offers.