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Where To Learn Swimming In Singapore

Apart from the amazing food, tall skyscrapers in one of the most livable country/city in the world, there is one thing that Singapore has in abundance, sunshine. With tropical and predictable weather, Singapore is considered to be one of the best places to exercise. Furthermore, Singapore has some of the best exercise facilities in the world such as swimming pools, running tracks and more. In fact, there are many swimming complexes across the neighbourhoods in Singapore that are easily accessible and affordable. If you are fortunate enough, you can have access to swimming pools at the condominium and office. With the sport, swimming, gaining popularity due to the recent success on the international and domestic stage, there has been an increase in people who want to learn swimming.

Regarded as one of the most developed countries in the world, Singapore offers some of the best experiences in the world such as entertainment, shopping, dining, sports and more. Fortunately, you will also have access to some of the best coaches, schools, facilities and more to improve your fitness levels when you live in Singapore. In fact, Singapore has some of the best coaches who have international experience and world-class facilities. Apart from all the international trainers and facilities, there are also classes conducted at swimming complexes, gyms that cater to beginners if you are not into competitive swimming. In fact, these swimming pools conduct swimming classes on weekdays and weekends.

With increasing interest in sports, particularly swimming, programs and facilities funded by the government, the number of sports programs, swimming events and lessons conducted has increased. As more schools and individuals take part in swimming, this will increase their competitive level and ability.

If you are moving to this country and thinking about picking up swimming for your child or yourself, keep reading this article as we will be giving you some insight about the best places to learn swimming and the swimming culture in Singapore.


Swimming In Singapore

Arguably one of the most popular sports in Singapore, swimming has garnered the interest of both the young and old, and young kids in particular. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of swimming schools and students.

With public, private and personalized swimming class widely available, you are able to enrol into various swimming lessons based on your level of capability. Some of the swimming courses include basic swimming survival skills such as survival float, open-water treading, bobbing, breath holding, swimming strokes and more. In fact, you can arrange these swimming courses at a place of your convenience.

In Singapore, there are a few associations that give swimming instructors certificates which will allow them to start coaching learners. To become a certified swimming instructor, you will have to pass various swimming levels, with colours of badges and certificates. For each level, you will have to meet the minimum requirement for each swimming stroke such as backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, front crawl and individual medley. There are centralized locations such as Toa Payoh Swimming Complex or decentralized locations like the schools, public school and others that conduct these tests.

With a wide variety of places to learn swimming from, it will be beneficial for you to know where you can learn swimming from and the places you can send your children for swimming lessons at.


Places To Learn Swimming In Singapore

1. Swimming Complex

One of the most popular and common places to swim, most locals visit the swimming complex to swim, learn swimming or bring their kids for swimming lessons. Located near the neighbourhood, visiting a swimming complex is more convenient and affordable compared to others. In fact, some of the swimming complexes come with nice amenities, fun pool which includes slides and more. There are also competition pools in some swimming complex, which caters towards swimming tournaments and other swimming races. As the swimming complex are open from the morning to night on both weekdays and weekends, consider visiting them as early as possible to avoid the crowd. However, do take note that some swimming complex has different opening hours.

2. Community Clubs

Similar to swimming complexes in Singapore, the community clubs are equally as convenient too. Located near the heartland, the community clubs have modern sports facilities such as tennis courts, children’s playground, gyms, enrichment classes, swimming pools and more. In fact, some community clubs have cafes which serve local foods and drinks. As not all community clubs have swimming pools, you will have to do proper research before choosing the community club to visit. Opened daily including most public holidays, you can consider visiting the community clubs to enjoy the wide variety of activities and facilities.

3. Private Pools (Condos And Private Properties)

With more private properties being built across Singapore, you can enjoy some of the best views and best facilities. In fact, some swimming instructors conduct swimming classes at private properties. Though hiring an instructor to coach will be slightly more expensive compared to lessons at the public pools, you can enjoy private classes and convenience.