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Where To Listen To Live Music In Singapore

Known as one of the best city to offer world-class entertainment, shopping, dining in the world, you can find plenty of late-night bars, restaurants and cafes that play live music in Singapore.You can head out with your friends and family to listen to live music from local acts. With one of the most diverse cultures, you can even listen to songs sung in dialect such as Hokkien, Teochew and more. Some of the live music also extends to Mexican songs, with some hit music from Spain, Columbia. Fortunately, there is an abundance of must-try bars filled with excellent food, drinks and music in Singapore. Besides, some of the bars in Singapore are child-friendly and sung by local up and coming artists.

With its bright lights and bustling nightlife, Singapore offers some of the best entertainment acts in the world where you can listen to live music and spend the night away with your friends and family. Singapore is also famous for its rich heritage that stems from its British colonial days to traditional Chinese, Indian and Malay culture. In fact, these rich heritage exists nowadays and you can see them along the streets, buildings and more. Offering some of the best live music in Singapore, you can listen to jazz, blues, pop, Latin and more almost every day, and the bars become filled up during Friday and weekends.

As the arts scene in Singapore continues to thrive, you may even be able to catch some potentially famous artists. In recent years, Singapore has appeared in famous movies and has become a centre-stage for hosting big-name events such as musical concerts, international races, games and more.

If you are contemplating whether to make the move to Singapore and want to find out some of the best spots to listen to live music, keep reading this article as we will be discussing the live music scene in Singapore and some places where you can listen to them too.


Live Music Scene In Singapore

With a plethora of cool bars and cafes in Singapore, you can enjoy a medley of live music performance and satisfying meals. While some countries only offer good food during the day time, Singapore offers good live entertainment and establishments with foods that are second to none.

As one of the most tech-savvy nations in South East Asia, you can find information online about the live music bands that will be playing in the bars and cafes. You can even reserve a seat online at some of the popular bars in Singapore, where you can watch sports, listen to music while you hang out with you and your friends.

With an abundance of bars and spots that have live music in Singapore, it will prove beneficial for you to know some of the most popular spots to listen to live music.


Spots To Listen To Live Music In Singapore

1. CBD

One of the most popular and common hangout spots among locals and tourists, Orchard Road offers some of the best spots to listen to music in Singapore. From local to international bars, some of these bars offer a schedule of live musical performances and genres on a daily basis. The bars play a variety of different musical acts every night, but you can rest assured of being entertained throughout the night. Conveniently located near the MRT station or accessible via bus, you can visit some of the bars located near Bras Basah and Bugis MRT stations. As the music line up varies every day, be sure to check out the different music line ups online before you visit the bars in the area. If you are working around the area, some after working hours happy hour and great ear-worming songs might just end your day in a high note.

2. Clark Quay

Another spot that is famous among locals and tourists due to the huge line of shophouses and bars, Clark Quay offers a great line-up of musical acts, especially after office hours and weekends. Similarly, you can find local and international bars at Clark Quay with live musical performances daily by local artists. In fact, these bars allow you to request for the music of your choice. As the musical performance usually starts at night, consider visiting the bar’s website online to find out the upcoming music acts. Apart from the bars, Clark Quay also offers some of the best clubs for you to dance away. As the bars in Clark Quay will get more crowded during Fridays and weekends, consider making a reservation online or through their hotline.

3. Holland Village

Located in the western part of Singapore, Holland Village is popular among the youths due to its wide range of food, shophouses and bars. In fact, Holland Village sits near the neighbourhood and is accessible to the majority of people via Holland Village MRT or by bus. An upbeat location with plenty of hip cafes and bars, you can enjoy musical genres from pop, soul, folks, Latin and more to sing along. As most of the bars in Holland Village have live musical performances after office hours and weekends, consider visiting the bar’s website online to make a reservation or through their hotline.