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Where To Live In Singapore

One of the biggest concerns we have when moving abroad to a new country is the neighbourhood and location. Fortunately, Singapore has plenty of housing options available. From prime locations such as Orchard Road to new towns like Punggol, you are able to choose your preferred location to live in.

A tiny little red dot sitting in Asia, Singapore is a first-world country features some world-class dining, shopping, hotels, parks and entertainment options. All these fun and filled activities are considered as one of the main draws to move over to Singapore. Besides Michelin star restaurants and cafes, you can enjoy most of Asia’s best delicacies in Singapore, which offers a fusion of food and dishes such as roti prata, bak kwa, chilli crab and more!

Despite its “young” age, Singapore has a rich history dating back from its British colonial rule to separation from Malaysia. Due to its rich history, you will be able to see traditional architecture in Singapore that is influenced by its Peranakan heritage along the neighbourhoods of Katong, Chinatown to modern high-rise buildings and condominiums at parts of Singapore. Furthermore, Singapore has one of the most modern and large public housing estates, where the majority of Singaporeans live in. For the more affluent individuals, you may opt for private properties that come with swimming pools and other amenities. Another consideration when choosing your house is the close proximity to foods and transportation. Renowned for its world-class transport and food options, you can head out for a nice meal, visit places of interest and enjoy your late nights without all the hassle.

Wondering where you should live in Singapore? Continue reading this article to find out some of the best neighbourhood and places to live in as well as the housing options you will enjoy once you move to Singapore!


What Are The Housing Options In Singapore

Similar to most countries, Singapore has both public and private housing options available. Housing Development Board (HDB) flats have been on the scene since the early days of Singapore, where the government aims to provide the best and most affordable houses for the citizens. In recent times, they have also built new houses known as Built-To-Order (BTO) flats to meet the needs and expectations of the new generation.

The HDB flats come in various forms, studio apartments, 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, 3 Gen flats, executive flats and DBSS flats. These houses are catered to different households and family income.

Tailored towards young professionals who can afford slightly more than an HDB flat but find private properties a little bit too pricey for their liking, you will be glad to know that Singapore also offers public-private hybrids, also known as an Executive Condominium. Similar to HDB flats, they have a 99-year leasehold but may have other amenities such as gyms, swimming pools.

If you desire more privacy and comfort, you may consider getting a private property instead. Due to strong economic growth and individuals becoming more affluent, these condominiums or private properties cater to individuals who want everything under one roof, such as tennis courts, swimming pools and more!

Last but not least, there are other options such as landed properties, which includes terrace houses, semi-detached and the bungalow houses. Due to their typical large floor area and size, you may have to pay a significantly higher amount. There are many factors that contribute to the price of renting or purchasing a place here. Try checking out property websites as well as forums to get a better understanding of the housing options available in Singapore.


Living Options In Singapore

1. City

If you are a true blue city peep, Orchard Road, Tanglin, Dempsey may be areas that you would like to find your home in Singapore. These places are regarded to be more expensive compared to others due to their location and accessibility. However, the properties in the city are close to plenty of entertainment options such as shopping, dining, movies and more. Living at the heart of the retail hustle and bustle, you can enjoy the famous shopping belt, Orchard road in a stone throw. Most of the houses in the mentioned areas will likely be private properties, but there is also a good mix of public houses too!

2. Outside Of The City

Think Bukit Timah, Sentosa, Jurong and more, these places offer you exclusivity as well as tranquillity. Despite its distance, you can still enjoy plenty of entertainment options within a train or drive ride away. If you are concern about job opportunities, the west has an abundance of offices and businesses located there as well. In the Western part of Singapore, you stand to enjoy the spectacular views and scenery on top of the modern living conditions. It is like the best of both worlds, nature and the concrete jungle.

3. Outskirts Of The City

Close to the City, the eastern part of Singapore has plenty of late-night dining options that you can find along Geylang, East Coast and more! Popular among locals and expats due to its close proximity to town, the area houses plenty of public and private properties. It is accessible via ECP and PIE, the two main highways connecting Singapore. There are also other places such as Bedok, Tampines and Changi, which are all conveniently located Changi Aiport.