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Where To Make Friends In Singapore

Renowned for being one of the most liveable country/city in the world, particularly Asia, you can find tall skyscrapers, modern buildings and houses across Singapore. In recent years, Singapore has grown in prominence due to recent success in the international sporting stage, arts scene and more. With one of the most diverse cultures and society, you are able to make new friends easily. From meeting new friends through social media platforms to bars, you are able to find some of the most friendly and helpful people in Singapore. In fact, you are able to make some of the best friends in Singapore.

Known for being one of the safest countries/city in the world, you can travel to most places in Singapore without having to worry about your belongings getting stolen. The luxury of being in a safe country like Singapore has even extended to making friends through social media apps and messaging. In fact, the digital age has allowed people living in Singapore to join groups or communities through social media platforms to make new friends. If you prefer meeting friends through face-to-face interactions, you may consider heading to a community centre or bar.

Offering some of the best nightlife experiences in Asia, you can visit places such as bars, clubs or cafes. In fact, these spots are usually frequent by locals and tourists alike. Similar to the television shows and movies that you usually see, these nightlife spots may allow you to find and form a group of friends.

If you are considering making the move to this country, continue reading this article to find out some of the best spots you can make friends and the Singapore culture to help you acclimatize.


Learning More About The Singapore Culture

A combination of Asian and European culture, Singapore is dubbed as a country where “East meets West”. You can find places of interest and buildings in Singapore that traces its roots back to its olden days as well as buildings influenced by its British colonial days. In recent years, you are able to see modern Skyliners and houses represented by Singapore’s thriving economy.

In Singapore, you are able to hear words like “uncle” and “auntie” at the hawker centres, which has even extended to calling taxi drivers and bus drivers too. There are even cases where you may hear your colleagues or friends calling each other “bro” or “sis”. This is part of the Asian culture that is in-built in Singapore’s society and culture, which helps you to build a sense of familiarity among each other.

Despite our Asian heritage, the majority of Singaporeans are pretty open-minded and are usually quite friendly. In fact, most of us actually visit and hang out at the bars, cafes, hawker centres. With the tropical climate and predictable weather, Singapore is also one of the best places to exercise. With that in mind, you can consider joining outdoor activities such as running, dragon boat, where you can make new friends.

With an abundance of places to make friends from, it will benefit you to know some of the best places to make friends in Singapore.


Best Spots To Make Friends In Singapore

1. Bars

Considered as one of the most popular and common hangout spots among locals and tourists, the bars in Singapore are one of the best places to make friends. In fact, locals usually frequent the bars and it is a good opportunity to increase your social circle. You can find some of these bars along the famed Orchard Road, Clark Quay, just to name a few. As the bars usually open in the later part of the day, consider visiting these bars in the late afternoon or night. To find out when you can expect to make new friends, you may visit the bar’s website to find out more information.

2. Social Media

Another popular way of meeting new friends, you can find potential new friends and increase your social circle through social media platforms. One of the most tech-savvy nations in the world, the majority of people in Singapore are on social media networking sites. If you feel shy about chatting up to a friend, you can consider using social media. Social media has even allowed you to find groups or communities online, where you can find out about the latest events and others.

3. Join Interest Groups

If you have an interest in mind, you can consider joining various interest groups or clubs in Singapore. Fortunately, there are plenty of online platforms in Singapore to meet new friends. From astronomy clubs to tennis groups, you can join or form these groups to find like-minded individuals. Something worth taking note of, you should look out for interest groups where the organizers are actively trying to increase their community.

4. Join Volunteer Groups

Another good way of meeting new friends is by joining volunteer groups. In fact, people from volunteer groups are generally more friendly and more open to new members. Reason being, people from volunteer groups are more understanding and compassionate due to the nature of their work. Some volunteer activities include academic mentoring, helping the elderly and more. Through these activities, you are able to engage in a conversation naturally.